I am a huge fan of EMULSIVE.org. I spend a lot of time reading and sifting through it.  It’s one of my favorite websites for film photography.  I travel a lot and I even download pages when I am traveling abroad to get some reading in.  And as luck would have it, I reached out to EM and the opportunity to write a travelogue presented itself.  So, with that said, this is my view of various sections of Hong Kong.

I am going to be pretty straightforward and tell you I do not keep track of areas I go to.  I am interested in shooting and the rest is water under the bridge.  On this particular trip to Hong Kong.  I shot Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 film on a Leica M6 paired with a Voigtlander NOKTON Classic 35mm f/1.4 lens.  My method of arrival to Hong Kong was via a ship.  It was anchored out and a short ferry ride was required.  On my ride to the pier, I encountered huge freighters cruising out of Hong Kong from all over the world.  A freighter from Panama in particular caught my eye.

I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times over the past decade and I am always mesmerized by the buildings.  They are a motley crew of old and new buildings that litter the city.  There are pockets of green space, but you only get that in some sections of the country.

There are labyrinth-like walkways that go over highways and through buildings.  My visit took place in October and the shaded walkways helped with the heat.

Edwin Monico - Hong Kong
Edwin Monico – Hong Kong

My favorite food to eat in Hong Kong is Dim Sum.  Dim Sum joints are usually crowded affairs.  The waitresses are snappy and take your order before quickly speeding away to return with steamer baskets.

Edwin Monico - Hong Kong
Edwin Monico – Hong Kong

I would dare say that the only way to truly enjoy Hong Kong is to walk the streets.  You can run across small shops selling things like fruit and meat in a totally unorthodox way unlike the West.

When shops are done selling their particular product for the day, Hong Kong streets begin to fill with trash.  By morning the sight of trash is gone.

In previous trips to Hong Kong, I was attracted to the neon glow of the city in the evening, but now what I find beautiful about Hong Kong is the architecture and the state of each building.  Some have tons of air conditioning units while others have laundry hung out to dry.

The icing on the cake for me in Hong Kong is running into old friends and making new friends.

Pictured below are Andi Autumn and Etta Ng.  Andi is an old friend that I met wandering the Ladies Market in Mong Kok about 8 or 9 years ago.  Etta is this enchanting, wickedly smart, and awesome new friend that I made on this particular trip.

Andi and Etta
Andi and Etta

And lastly, a guy who made me a burger.  I later hung out with him and his girlfriend.  He took a picture of me and I wish I knew who he was.

Edwin Monico - Hong Kong
Edwin Monico – Hong Kong

~ Edwin Monico



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