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5 Frames… Around NYC’s Lower East Side on CineStill BwXX with the Konica C35MFD (35mm format / EI 250 / Hexanon 38mm f/2.8)

Last December, I was fortunate enough to take a solo trip to New York City after my semester finished up. I settled on staying in the Lower East Side, where I could easily walk to museums and other unique spaces without breaking a sweat. As a Canadian visiting NYC, I very much wanted to blend […]

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5 Frames… Starting with a walk through Brooklyn on Kodak Tri-X 400 and a Konica Autoreflex T3 (35mm Format / EI 400 / Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7)

I looked up to the man biking down the hill. As I waited for him to come down, I stood behind a row of parked cars waiting, camera in hand, finger on the shutter release. He came nearer. I put my eye to the viewfinder, lined up the shot, and… nothing. The button was locked; […]

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5 Frames… Around Virginia Beach on Kodak Portra 400 (Konica Hexar RF + Voigtlander Ultron 35mm f/2 MC Aspherical Type II)

“Are you taking pictures of me?” he asked somewhat curiously, somewhat annoyed. I was. He spontaneously struck a pose, I quickly took the shot. “They stole one of my guitars,” he candidly shared. “It’s okay: I have two more, motherf*ckers!” I lamented the unfortunate turn of events. Seemingly unfazed, he replied, “I only need one […]

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5 Frames… Around Norwich’s Wensum river on Silberra Color 100 (35mm Format / El 100 / Konica Auto S3 With Hexanon 38mm f/1.8)

I’ve been collecting vintage lenses and film cameras now for the past year or so. Not that I’ve never shot film before, I got my first 35mm camera back in the late 1990s (a Centon 100 kit) — I couldn’t afford the more popular brands at the time. After that, my love for photography grew […]

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5 Frames… With the half-time-half-frame Konica Auto-Reflex (Fujifilm NEOPAN 400 / 35mm Format / EI 400)

According to Cameraquest, The Konica Auto-reflex is a full- and half-frame 35mm SLR camera made in 1966. It was the world’s first focal plane shutter 35mm SLR with automatic exposure and interchangeable lenses… Johnny Sisson brought it to my attention, and after a search in one of the Facebook camera groups, I was offered one for sale by a […]

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Choosing a 35mm film SLR? A quick look at six (vintage?) film camera manufacturers…

Since the publication of my original book, “Nikon Film Cameras, Which one is right for you?”, I’ve acquired a number of additional cameras and lenses which I describe and evaluate from personal experience in the newly released second edition, which recently went live on Amazon. In addition to the extra hardware, I tracked the prices […]