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5 Frames… Of 35mm film in a Fuji GSW690II: Fun with my TEXPan (EI 100 / 35mm format / Kodak Ektachrome E100)

It all started last year when I began my dive into film photography: all those 35mm and 120 film cameras were so exciting… And then I stumbled on one camera that was special, not only in my beginner’s opinion, but for a lot of photography people out there – The Hasselblad Xpan. Quick forum research […]

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Global Nikon F6 product recall…for 152 cameras

Nikon has issued a recall of all Nikon F6 35mm film SLR cameras “manufactured and/or sold after July 22, 2019”. The camera, first released in 2004 is the last of Nikon’s F range of flagship cameras, which started back in April 1959 with the imaginatively named Nikon F – affectionately called the “Big F” by […]

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4 Frames… With a historic Disney family camera at Walt Disney’s boyhood home on Kodak T-MAX 400 (EI 400 / 120 format / 1909 Kodak Brownie No.2A Model B)

In 2017 while searching through junky point and shoot Disney film cameras on eBay, I found an interesting one: “DISNEY ESTATE KODAK CAMERA FROM 1909 KODAK #2A BROWNIE CAMERA DISNEYLAND LOA”. At the end of the auction, I was the only bidder! I could not believe my dumb luck. It arrived with full documentation (which has […]

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Film Notes: Current high-speed films, ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional and Kodak T-MAX P3200

I’ve often described how I think that people looking for a different “look” from film would be better suited exposing and developing in a different way before they’d see any benefit from switching emulsions. Unless someone is searching for a specific “effect” in terms of grain structure, or halation, then most films will produce fairly […]

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5 Frames… Of the Asparagus Capital of England with ILFORD XP2 Super (EI 400 / 120 format / Pentax 645N)

The pandemic lockdown has created unique photographic opportunities within more limited parameters. I decided to explore areas of the countryside near my home. Places I had previously ignored as too dull and unappealing. I live in an area known as the Vale of Evesham in the midlands of England. The fertile agricultural land is flat […]

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Month in review: May 2020

These are the 31 days and 62 articles that made EMULSIVE in May 2020. As usual, you’ll find a recap of all the articles published, starting with the most popular 10 articles of the month in order of publication (as decided by you). Enjoy! ~ EM May 2020’s reader top 10 …and here’s everything else […]

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In conversation with: Burley Cameras

More and more film photographers are — literally — taking it into their own hands to create products and accessories that improve camera usability and ergonomics, as well as provide solutions to problems that some might say didn’t exist. Don’t take that last statement as negative, film photography (more so than digital in my opinion) […]