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A new “everyday” film from CineStill: 400Dynamic in 35mm and 120 format

Initially only available through the CINESTILL FILM MAKER Campaign at, the motion-to-still-photography company, CineStill have announced the launch of 400Dynamic, a 400 ISO daylight-balanced color negative film in both 35mm and 120 medium format and later, in 4×5 large format. Expected (initially) in limited supply, the new film stock’s release is supported by a […]

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Mini-review: The RETO Ultra Wide & Slim – Experiences and a change in attitude to P&S cameras

Traditionally I have avoided the point and shoot class of camera because I wanted to be able to make my own exposure decisions. I either shoot Manual, or in Aperture Priority modes with one finger on the exposure compensation button. Most of my cameras date from the 20th century and most of those are entirely manual. In […]

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The King’s Trail: Documenting my hike through the Swedish Lappland on the Leica M4 and Kodak ULTRAMAX 400

Above the Arctic Circle, amidst the wide green plains, enclosed in looming blue peaks, the ‘King’s Trail’ covers 400km of land devoid of civilisation, save for the indigenous Sami, their reindeer, and the occasional shelter. Here is where I found myself last year, Leica M4 in hand, photographing one of the most beautiful places on […]