UPDATE 03: 2017-07-18 – June’s Shortlist is here: The shortlist for June 2017 has been released. Please vote for your favorite using the form at the foot of the page.

UPDATE 02: 2017-06-14 – New submission category added:
Pointed out by Twitter’s @kimmiechem2, it seems there’s a need for a “Funky AF” category (not auto-focus). We’re rolling it into the current “Abstract” category.

UPDATE 01: 2017-06-01 – New film / media types added:
Given recent discussions on social media, it made sense to update the film type list to also include paper negatives and plates![/learn_more]


#NEOPANtastic 2017 is over and done with but there’s no time to rest on your laurels because the summer is here and that means it’s time for #SummerFilmParty 2017!

For this celebration of film we decided that it wouldn’t really be fair if we stuck to one particular stock over the coming months. In fact, we decided that it wouldn’t be fair to stick to even one particular film type. No, #SummerFilmParty is a veritable schmorgasbord of all the wonderful films we shoot when the sun is shining and the days are long.

The premise for this three month event is simple:

  1. Shoot a roll, sheet or cartridge of any one of the film types/stocks listed below during the “shoot weeks” in June, July and August 2017 and share your gear and location using the #SummerFilmParty hashtag and by tagging @SummerFilmParty.
  2. If you’re developing your own film, share shots of your darkroom or negs during each “dev week” – making sure you tag as above.
  3. Go mad and share your shots with the community during each month’s “post week”, once again tagging #SummerFilmParty and @SummerFilmParty on Twitter. You may also chose to tag your submissions for specific entry into one of a number of categories, which are discussed in detail below.


It’s as simple as that. We’ll collect the best images submitted during each shoot week and feature them right here on EMULSIVE for all to see. As with the previous film parties, the shortlist will be open to a public vote, with the best submission being the one which receives the most community votes.

Here’s the roster for the next two months:

June 2017
Shoot week: 5th – 11th
Dev week: 12th – 16th
Post week: 19th – 23th

July 2017
Shoot week: 3rd – 9th
Dev week: 10th -16th
Post week: 17th – 23rd

August 2017
Shoot week: 7th – 13th
Dev week: 14th -20th
Post week: 21st – 27th



Permitted film/media types

Making a break from previous film events, we’re opening up @SummerFilmParty to a whole host of different film types and stocks. Choose one, a few or all of the different films listed below, even films that we’ve missed. As long as they fit in the six seven general groupings, you’re good to go.

You might be interested in...


1) Color slide film
Kodak, Fuji, Rollei, Agfa, Ferrania – new or old, if it’s a slide film, you can shoot it. You may chose #SayNoToXpro or #SayYoToXpro, it’s your choice.


2) Black and white slide film
Nearly any negative film can be developed as slides, so the world is your oyster. If you want to shoot a dedicated black and white slide film, you can choose between Efke R100, Agfa Scala 200X (see below), or ADOX Scala. The only caveat is that your submissions are developed as slides.


3) Slow black and white negative films (< ISO 50)
Rollei ATO and ATP (below), Efke 25, ILFORD Pan F, Kodak’s 5234, Technical Pan, or Panatomic-X, even Mikrat B – if it’s ISO 50 or slower, it’s accepted.


4) Color negative film (< ISO 100)
Kodak Ektar, Kodak and Fuji Motion Picture Duplication stocks, Cinestill 50D, Kodak VISION 50D, as long as it’s native ISO is 100 or slower, you can shoot it.


5) Black and white infrared
Rollei Infrared 400, Konica IR 750,  ILFORD SFX 200, Kodak HIE and others are accepted as traditional slide films. You may also choose to shoot, Rollei Superpan, Fomapan, Rollei Retro or JCH Streetpan 400 with an IR. If it’s an IR sensitive film and was shot with an appropriate filter, it counts.


6) Color Infrared
The special stuff. We don’t expect many entries in this category but how could we not ask you to shoot colour infrared film? Kodak EIR, Kodak AEROCHROME, FPP Infrachrome or Dean Bennici’s Russian Color Infrared film are all accepted.


7) Paper negatives and plates
Oh yes, how could we forget? If you’re a fan of shooting paper negatives, glass/metal plates, even the back of 35mm film cannisters, you’re welcome to. In fact, since @SummerFilmParty straddles the summer solstice, we’ve got some news coming soon about an extended challenge for those of you who prefer to spend months making an exposure…



Event categories

For the first time in these film parties, we’re introducing the concept of categorization. These are loose groupings that you can use to guide your thoughts, as opposed to hard limits on what you can shoot or submit.

As part of the judging process each month, we’ll be looking for the best submissions that reflect each category and it’s up to you to include these as hashtags in your posts, or to let the judges decide where your image should go.

The categories are:

  • #Landscape
    Nature or urban scenes, it’s up to you
  • #Streetlife
    It’s up to you to include people and or architecture
  • #Abstract / #FunkyAF
    No poultry unless absolutely necessary,
  • #Home
    Shooting indoors or gearing up for a Kitchen Battle, this is for you
  • #Macro / #CloseUp
    Anything as close as your lens will allow


Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for taking part. Happy shooting, folks!




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  1. Great ! It would be cool if the definition of ‘slow black and white negatives’ was “less 100 ISO”. Then Ferrania P30 (ISO 80) would make the cut – providing mine arrives before Summer . Otherwise, I guess I will try to buy a few rolls of Pan F, I always wanted to try it…

  2. summer would be over in a few days, as the country goes “rainy” but got a few shots during the “sunny” days.

  3. where would paper negatives fit in – as b&w negative film? I might go rogue and see if my cyanotype paper still works :p