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Summer Film Party

All articles covering the #SummerFilmParty, part of the EMULSIVE film party series of events.

#SummerFilmParty June 2017 Winner Announcement

Welcome to the winner announcement for the first of the three #SummerFilmParty events of 2017. Voting for your favourite submission of the month started on July 17th and closed on the 23rd.

The best of #SummerFilmParty June 2017

Welcome to the best of #SummerFilmParty June 2017, as selected by the #SummerFilmParty panel.

Welcome to #SummerFilmParty 2017, celebrating the films we shoot when the...

UPDATE 03: 2017-07-18 - June's Shortlist is here: The shortlist for June 2017 has been released.