Welcome to the winner announcement for the first of the three #SummerFilmParty events of 2017.

Voting for your favourite submission of the month started on July 17th and closed on the 23rd. Over the course of those seven days we received a total of 109 votes, nearly half of which went to the entry you all voted into first place.

More on that a bit later because right now, it’s time to count down from joint third place.



3rd place: joint award – Zheng Xu and Cristian Gill

Coming in with 8% of the votes respectively are Zheng Xu with his Fuji Velvia 50 sunset and Cristian Gill’s evening Kodak Ektar 100 pool shot. Here they are:


Zheng Xu‏ – @zxuphoto
Sunrise at Belmar beach @summerfilmparty #nikonf100 #Fujifilm #velvia50 #35mmfilm Category: Landscape #SummerFilmParty #believeinfilm

Zheng Xu‏ - @zxuphoto Sunrise at Belmar beach @summerfilmparty #nikonf100 #Fujifilm #velvia50 #35mmfilm Category: Landscape #SummerFilmParty #believeinfilm
Zheng Xu‏ – @zxuphoto

Sunrise at Belmar beach @summerfilmparty #nikonf100 #Fujifilm #velvia50 #35mmfilm Category: Landscape #SummerFilmParty #believeinfilm


Cristian Gil‏ – @_CrisGil
The complex pool. Kodak Ektar 100 #minolta #home #summerfilmparty @summerfilmparty @EMULSIVEfilm

Cristian Gil‏ - @_CrisGil The complex pool. Kodak Ektar 100 #minolta #home #summerfilmparty @summerfilmparty @EMULSIVEfilm
Cristian Gil‏ – @_CrisGil

The complex pool. Kodak Ektar 100 #minolta #home #summerfilmparty @summerfilmparty @EMULSIVEfilm



2nd place: Ken

Ken came in at 2nd place with 9% of the final votes with this photograph submitted in the Home category:


ken 🌿‏ – @kookthecat
whatcha lookin’ at, doggo? canon 7, ilford pan f+ (rated 50), xtol at @HungryEar in kakaʻako
@summerfilmparty #summerfilmparty #home

ken 🌿‏ - @kookthecat whatcha lookin' at, doggo? canon 7, ilford pan f+ (rated 50), xtol at @HungryEar in kakaʻako @summerfilmparty #summerfilmparty #home
ken 🌿‏ – @kookthecat

whatcha lookin’ at, doggo? canon 7, ilford pan f+ (rated 50), xtol at @HungryEar in kakaʻako

@summerfilmparty #summerfilmparty #home



1st place: Adib Mufty

With a whopping 48% of the votes cast, there’s no doubt that Adib Mufty’s “On the edge” was the community favourite for June’s Summer Film Party. Here’s the photo and some words from the man himself:

Adib Mufty™ - @AdibMufty On the edge... #SummerFilmParty Category:#Streetlife Location: Beirut -Lebanon {#Hasselblad 500cm, #Kodak ektar 100} #filmphotography
Adib Mufty™ – @AdibMufty

On the edge… #SummerFilmParty. Category:#Streetlife. Location: Beirut -Lebanon.

{#Hasselblad 500cm, #Kodak ektar 100} #filmphotography


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. It truly is an honor to be shortlisted among all this great talent.

When I joined the film community, it was my motivation to burn film, and because of this never-give-up learning process, I learned more and more with every post and article I read. It made me realize that my journey in film photography is still in its infancy, and this road will surely be a long and exhilarating one.

When #SummerFilmParty was announced, it was something I was really excited to be a part of. The film community gathers a number of photographers from all over the world, portraying hundreds of photos from several locations, showcasing a plethora of concepts and ideas. I surely found it to be a great opportunity because the competition was open for several film formats and varied categories.

I was interested in the #StreetLife category because I’ve taken #Streetlife in my country Lebanon for granted. However, whenever I was abroad, I would spent my time wandering the streets capturing images, while I would rarely shoot Street life photography in my own country.

Street photography in Lebanon, in my opinion, is not always welcomed to explore, as there are many restrictions, some of them being security related, and others are for privacy reasons.
Shooting my photo with a Hasselblad 500 cm and a Kodak Ektar 100 feels like holding a weapon in your hand, it’s hard to walk around and shoot discretely. No matter how smooth you are, the moment you click the shutter, everyone turns around and stares… “What are you filming?”. For a moment, you think you’re going to get in trouble, then it turns out that people are just asking out of curiosity and trying to be friendly.

Once, a fisherman stopped me, leaned his fishing rod toward me and asked me to adjust his floater since I captured a photo of his daily catch. He said with a smile :”You thought you’re going to capture the picture for free?!!?”

It was a Sunday, the last day in the shooting week and all what I was thinking of – I have to capture an image and be part of this competition. I went out with my friend at 7:30AM to the Corniche in Beirut where people go to for their morning walks, and the fishermen lined up along the coastline for their morning fishing ritual. I have always been fascinated by the different characters you encounter in this place: kids running & playing, teenagers on roller blades, bicycles & skateboards, young lovers, old couples, retired elders and others…
As you stroll along the coastline, you can’t help but listen to their personal stories. You would see friends sharing jokes, couples arguing, and that’s when I realized that I never had the chance to capture any similar pictures.

Finally, I have to admit, that if it wasn’t for Emulsive & #SummerFilmParty, I wouldn’t have been walking around with my Hasselblad capturing moments.

I have to admit that it was about time to share what we see with the whole world and engrave this memory into a medium that should and can last forever… Film!

Congratulations to Zheng, Cristian, Ken and Adib. We had a lot of very strong entries for June and July raised the bar considerably. Please bear with us while the panel and I come up with the shortlist. It won’t be much longer coming, promise.

Thanks again and see you all soon,




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  1. The quality of those photos on the podium is just amazing, and a well deserved winner, but it was so well done by all those who posted the standard was really high