Welcome to the winner announcement for the first #TMAXParty for 2017!

We received a total of 73 votes over the course of the voting period and whilst the winner walked away with 25% of the votes, second and third place were separated by only six percent and we had a tie for third place.

There were some fantastic photographs posted during March’s post week and just so you know, the judges and I are busy trawling through April’s posts as we speak.

Still, this is about March 2017, so let’s crack on with the runner’s up and winner.



2nd place – Richard Pickup

Richard came in second place based on reader votes, picking up 16% of the final votes for:

Abseiling, #Walsall Art Gallery, UK
Kodak TMAX 100 film
@TMAX_party @EMULSIVEfilm @BelieveInFilm
#TMAXParty #believeinfilm #photography

Richard Pickup‏ - @richard_pickup
Richard Pickup‏ – @richard_pickup



3rd place – Pierluigi Tolu and Barnaby Nutt

Barnaby Nutt‏ and Pierlugi Tolu came in joint 3rd place, each garnering 10% of reader votes. Here are their photographs in alphabetical order.


Barnaby Nutt‏ – @BarnabyNutt
‘So Emily, just how excited are you about the #TMAXParty?’
#believeinfilm #OlympusStylus120 @TMAX_party #kodak_photo

Barnaby Nutt‏ - @BarnabyNutt
Barnaby Nutt‏ – @BarnabyNutt


Pierluigi Tolu‏ – @pierluigi_tolu
“The Last Ray of Sunlight” – My last, but not least, Day Seven contribute to #TMAXParty #postingweek #believeinfilm

Pierluigi Tolu‏ - @pierluigi_tolu
Pierluigi Tolu‏ – @pierluigi_tolu

Congratulations to Richard, Barnaby and Pierlugi, and thank you to everyone who voted.



The TMAX Party March 2017 winner is…

Zheng Xu for his photograph, “HBO and the Grace Building, NYC”.

Congratulations Zheng!Here’s Zheng’s winning entry. Here’s a little detail from the man himself on how the shot came together.

Over to you, Zheng.


Zheng Xu‏ - @zxuphoto HBO and the Grace Building, NYC - Kodak T-Max 400 #TMAXParty #filmisnotdead #istillshootfilm @EMULSIVEfilm @TMAX_party
Zheng Xu‏ – @zxuphoto

HBO and the Grace Building, NYC – Kodak T-Max 400

#TMAXParty #filmisnotdead #istillshootfilm

@EMULSIVEfilm @TMAX_party

This was shot with a Minolta X-370 with 50mm lens at Bryant Park, New York City. The image was HBO building on the left and Grace building on the right. The curves and lines of those two buildings always attract my eyes whenever I pass by. I have been shooting many buildings around the park with my digital camera. I decided to use the BW film to capture the contrast and lines with Kodak T-MAX 400 when EMULSIVE announced a March TMAX Party.

Congratulations again to Zheng on a cracking job and good luck to you all for April’s shortlist (details of which are coming soon).

With #TMAXParty done for 2017, it’s nearly time to kick off our next party, which is for all things Fuji Neopan. Yes, that includes Fuji Neopan 400, 1600, 400CN and Acros 100 (Neopan Acros 100, to give it it’s full name). Details coming soon.

Keep shooting, folks!




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