Welcome to the winner announcement for the first #TMAXParty for 2017!

We received a total of 74 votes over the course of the voting period and whilst the winner ran away with 50% of the votes. Second and third place were only separated by one percent; a very close call.

There were some fantastic photographs posted during post week and it was a close call. Thanks to everyone who took part and the judges and I are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back for TMAX in 2018.

So, without further adieu, lets count down from third to first place!



3rd place – Ashley B Williams

Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck
#2 @TMAX_party …And those that can’t!
Yashica Fx3 – TMX 100
#TMAXParty #tessar #believeinfilm

TMAXParty - Ashley B Williams‏ - @Grumpyfck
TMAXParty – Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck



2rd place – Jean Cayer

Jean Cayer‏ – @JCayer1961
#filmphotography #yashicaD #ishootfilm #TMAXparty

TMAXParty - Jean Cayer‏ - @JCayer1961
TMAXParty – Jean Cayer‏ – @JCayer1961

Congratulations to Ashley and Jean, and thank you to everyone who voted.



The TMAX Party April 2017 winner is…

Steven Wallace‏ – @stevenwphoto with his submission, “More downtown wanderings”

TMAXParty - Steven Wallace‏ - @stevenwphoto
TMAXParty – Steven Wallace‏ – @stevenwphoto

Here’s Steven to tell us a little more about the photograph:

One of my favorite things in the world is getting to just wander around and explore a new city with a camera and some rolls of film. Even if it’s just for a few hours, it makes me feel a real connection and love for that place. Like a lot of people, I think I take my own city for granted.

I’ve lived less than 20 miles from downtown Atlanta for most of my life and don’t spend nearly enough time exploring here like I do other places. It just so happened that a beautiful spring day and the April TMAX party were the perfect excuses for me to finally get out and wander around my home with a camera.

I shot this image on my Pentax 645N medium format camera with the 55mm f2.8 lens on TMAX 400 rated at box speed. It was developed and scanned by Dunwoody Photo here in Atlanta.

Congratulations again to Steven, Ashley and Jean, as well as to all of you who took part shooting, posting and voting over the past two months.

With #TMAXParty done for 2017, we’re fast heading into a three month run for a summer film party – details coming. In the meantime, you still have a few days to get shooting all things #neopantastic: Fuji Neopan 100SS, 400, 1600, 400CN and Acros 100 (Neopan Acros 100, to give it it’s full name). Details here.

Thanks again and keep shooting, folks!




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  1. Wow ! Congratulation @Grumpyfck @stevenwphoto !!! Thank you everyone 🙂 My cameras are still loaded with TMax and HP5 and no time to shoot 🙁 I’ll try to find a crack in time to at least try a Fuji LOL !!!