It’s Kodak Portra’s 20th anniversary and we’re here to celebrate! Kodak Portra was originally brought to market back in 1998 in the form of Portra 160VC, 160NC, 400VC and 400NC, the films were replaced with upgraded versions in 2010 (Portra 400) and 2011 (Portra 160); and were joined by an all-new, high speed emulsion, Portra 800, which is still the fastest colour negative film available for purchase today.

It’s been a while since the last film party – the judges and I were happy to take a much-needed break after 18 months of back to back parties but there was no way we could let such a milestone by without even a little fuss, so here we are: welcome to #PortraParty 2018!

For this celebration, we decided to follow the format set by 2017’s SummerFilmParty and an equally simple premise in three parts:

  1. Shoot a roll or sheet of any one of the variants of current or legacy Kodak Portra during “Shoot Week” in August, September and October 2018 and share your gear and location using the #PortraParty hashtag and by tagging @PortraParty.
  2. If you’re developing your own film, share shots of your darkroom or negs during each “Dev Week” – making sure you tag as above.
  3. Go mad and share your shots with the community during each month’s “Post Week“, once again tagging #PortraParty and @PortraParty on Twitter. Please also make sure you tag your submissions for entry into one – and only one! – of the following categories: #Landscape, #Streetlife, #Abstract / #FunkyAF, #Home, #Macro / #CloseUp – further details below.

It’s as simple as that. The judges and I will collect the best images submitted during each shoot week and feature them right here on EMULSIVE for all to see.

As with the previous film parties, the shortlist will be open to a public vote, with the best submission being the one which receives the most community votes.

Here’s the roster for the next two months:

August 2018
Shoot week: 6th – 12th
Dev week: 13th – 19th
Post week: 20th – 26th

September 2018
Shoot week: 3rd – 9th
Dev week: 10th – 16th
Post week: 17th – 23rd

October 2018
Shoot week 1st – 7th
Dev week: 10th -16th
Post week: 17th – 23rd



Permitted film/media types

Limited to Kodak Portra, whether it be:

New Portra: 160, 400 or 800.

You might be interested in...

Original Portra: 160NC/VC, 400NC/VC, 100T, 400BW and any other Portra film I’m not aware of.



Event categories

As part of the judging process each month, we’ll be looking for the best submissions that reflect each category of the following categories. It’s up to you to include one of the following as hashtags in your posts. No double tagging please (it gets confusing). If you’re not 100% sure about which category your photo fits, just read the descriptions below. We’ll take care of any tough ones.

The categories are:

Nature or urban scenes, it’s up to you

It’s up to you to include people and or architecture

#Abstract / #FunkyAF
No poultry unless absolutely necessary,

Shooting indoors or gearing up for a Kitchen Battle, this is for you

#Macro / #CloseUp
Anything as close as your lens will allow


That’s really it. We’ll have more updates once the first party is up and away in about three weeks but for the meantime all that’s left to say is that Myself, Diz and Shawn are all looking forward to seeing you at the party!



PS. If “film photography” isn’t your thing, the PrintParteh folks over on Twitter are running a from August 5th to September 3rd, so there’s that to think about, especially while the sun is still out (thinking about all you folks in the UK 😉 )



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  1. Dear Mr Em,
    Any chance of sorting this out? I posted images for September & October, didn’t bother with November due to the total lack of promotion of the party:( I now see on twitter the FP4 party has resumed! Must be a b&w thing! It’s the same old snobby attitude-if it’s b&w, it’s art & important. If it’s colour, it’s not worth looking at or caring about! Not a happy bunny:(

  2. The event looks fine but on twitter!? Come on guys, instagram should be much better and most of the people who shoot photos have an account there.