Welcome to the best of #FP4Party for January 2019. There are another two FP4Parties coming this year (with the second in full swing), so this shortlist certainly won’t be the last.

We saw 379 entries on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the course of January 21st – 27th’s post week, which was a pleasant surprise considering the terrible weather most people seemed to have been suffering under (FP4Party curse?).

Those 330 entries were shortlisted down to 21 – three per day. There was more overlap across the three social networks than we initially expected and for this month at least, we’ve been able to use Twitter links for all the shortlisted entries. We’ll keep checking and a Massive thanks to Diz, Michael Bitaxi and Ben Reynolds for the help collating and shortlisting for Jan.

As you probably know by now, the community-voted winner is up to you. Voting is open until next Saturday, February 16th. Here’s the shortlist.

21st January 2019

Daniel Brim – @DanielBrim

Shot one for #fp4party. Art museum in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
Film: Ilford FP4+
Camera: Pentax K1000
Developer: Kodak D-76

Dustin Veitch – @FaultyFlipFlap

Nimslo with plant – Day 1
Nikon FM3A
Ilford FP4
Ei 100 / HC-110 Dil H
#FP4party @FP4Party

Jeremy Calow – @JeremyCalow

For Day 1 I’m going with this image “Puffy”
It didn’t quite have the same feeling as when I shot it but still.
Fuji GX617 #fp4party

22nd January 2019

Ashley B Williams – @Grumpyfck

River Meavy making its way through the plantations.
Ihagee Duplex – 3 min exp @ f32.
@FP4Party seemed appropriate to try out this wonderful gift from @MikeBar1966 , #FP4Party #believeinfilm

Barnaby Nutt – @BarnabyNutt

Sign here.
📷: #MamiyaC330
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party
⚗️: #IlfotecHC
#believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice #analogphotography #landscapephotography #Ireland

Adrian Taylor – @viewfinder_m6

if you go down to the woods today…
Nikon F4 & 24mm
#ilford fp4
#FP4Party @FP4Party

23rd January 2019

Ashley B Williams – @Grumpyfck

Drake’s Leat meets the River Meavy
Ihagee Duplex
@FP4Party @ILFORDPhoto Fp4+
#FP4Party #believeinfilm

Sergio Palazzi – @CanonF1

Quite lazy, on Day 3, @FP4Party.
#ishootfilm #believeinfilm #FP4party @ILFORDPhoto #Como @antwit_8 #Rollei35S

k e v – @kev_droid


24th January 2019

Carlos Seeya – @seeya_chem

An evening walk #LowerLonsdale #NorthVan
Bronica sqa using #FP4Party developed with @ILFORDPhoto 1+4 for 10 min….

Jeremy Calow – @JeremyCalow

For Day 4 and my last day of the #FP4party. This is the last frame of my one roll shot on the 617 beastie. This has been a fun week for me and I can’t wait to see how the rest finish up!! #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party

Last Stop

Fuji GX617 | FP4+

Darren Rose – @winterrosephoto

Down to my last couple of shots for the #FP4party and I’m back in my comfort zone of shooting at the local lake 🙂

25th January 2019

Chikako (Chi) – @chichic

Paper White Narcissus on fp4+.

#fp4party #believeinfilm #darkroom #Darkroomprint

Laura Cofrin – @ValhallArts

Only one entry for the #FP4Party #ilfordfilm @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party #4×5 #sheetfilm #ilfordphoto #ilford #Downtown #FortCollins #Colorado 10 sec exposure, Graphex Crown Graphic f4.7 🧪 Dektol 1:1 11mins #longexposure #vintage #camera #contemporaryartist

Josh Wiederin – @joshwiederin

X – #FP4party Day 5
@ILFORDPhoto FP4+ at 125
Mamiya RB67

26th January 2019

Lance King – @analogfusion

One last photo for the #FP4Party. Trixie, exposed at EI 500. #DogsofTwittter

Barnaby Nutt – @BarnabyNutt

30 seconds (that view again).
📷: #CanonEOS5
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party
⚗️: #IlfotecHC
#believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice #analogphotography #Ireland #LandscapePhotography #FP4party

Tony Smith – @AS0151

No.8 for #FP4Party walking into the light, shot on a 1930s box camera #BelieveInFilm

27th January 2019

José Cunningham Vásquez – @JoeCCunningham

“Foggy Tree” Finally got around to #FP4Party scans. #Hasselblad 500C/M, 80mm Planar. #Rodinal 1+25. I can’t have a film party without some trees.

Stig – @Stig_Ofthedump

Down on the beach
#FP4Party Pentax 645N / 55mm / HC110B / EI100
Day 7 Post 2
Bye bye @FP4Party 😥😥

Nicholas Middleton – @itsnotaphoto

@FP4Party Day 7: Sunday. Butcher’s Cameo folding plate camera with @ILFORDPhoto #FP4 sheet film, leaflet inside the box dating to December 1977 (box itself has the handwritten date of 16/11/78). #FP4Party #believeinfilm

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~ EM

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