EMULSIVE's most popular film photography posts of 2017

In the time honoured tradition of lazy posting at the end of each year, here's the first in a series of top 10 and countdown articles planned for EMULSIVE during this final week of 2017. First up, time to take

#DeltaDefJam October 2017 Winner Announcement

Apologies for the delay in getting this ready folks, the past two months have been one helluva ride! It's time to announce the winners of October's #DeltaDefJam and in a first for any of the film parties to date, we

The Ghost of New Walk Centre aka double exposures on ILFORD FP4 PLUS – by Barnaby Nutt.

The New Walk Centre in Leicester was the City Council’s headquarters since the mid-70s and the twin-towers, being among the city’s tallest buildings, have been a landmark feature on the skyline all of my life.

Why shoot film part 1: the Leica CL

Although I'm still only starting out with my exploration of film photography I have a few images already that I feel indicate where my style and taste will arrive. The images I shoot on film are very distinct from my

Finding film part 11: ILFORD SFX 200

Welcome back to another round of #FindingFilm! At the time of writing, it has been a while since I have been out with the camera, shooting black and white film.

5 Frames… With ILFORD PAN F PLUS ( EI 50 / 35mm format / Olympus Pen S) – by Erik Gould

Thanks EM for being open to stretching the five frames concept for me. These pictures were made on ILFORD PAN F+ film in an Olympus Pen S half frame camera. This camera is non-metered, fully manual and scale focusing.

Ihagee ELBAFLEX: from conjecture to truth with Stefan Immes

It's been a busy few weeks in the analogue photography crowd funding world and the most recent entrant - the ELBAFLEX 35mm SLR from Ihagee - has polarised the community. Half the film photography community is split, with those on