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Where to from here?

We (almost) all put ourselves on display via the many and varied social platforms with our photography, writings, podcasts and whatever else. We do this in the hope of gaining an audience that understands and appreciates our work and when it happens, it feels incredibly great… …but social platforms have all started to implement algorithms […]

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A love letter to motion pictures

My grandma would introduce me to her friends as “James the photographer” and I would whisper under my breath “‘I’m a filmmaker, not a photographer” but thinking about it now she was right. Since the age of 12, I have always carried a video camera with me, I quickly became fascinated with recording everything I […]

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Shooting 100-year-old black and white film: Primor B2 Panchromatisch

“Where in god’s name did he find 100-year-old film?”, you might be asking yourself. Well I recently went to Budapest, Hungary for a vacation with some friends. During our stay, we happened to stumble upon a flea market on Gozsdu Udvar, a beautiful little street filled with bars and restaurants. One of the stands caught […]