A few months ago I was heading to Europe for a few weeks. I needed a trusty camera that would allow me complete control but also auto settings that gave me the freedom to capture images without much thought. My buddy Joe suggested the Contax G1 since he’d purchased one earlier in the year. I took his for a test drive and was hooked. I picked up the G1, the Planar 45mm f/2, the Biogon 28mm f/2.8 and the Sonnar 90mm f/2.8 with the TLA140 flash from a man in Cleveland.

After a bit getting used to to the focus, I started carrying this camera around daily. I love wide-angle lenses, but the 45mm quickly became the lens I use 90% of the time. I opted to not go the route of the Contax G2 even with its added features because it does add size and weight to the overall camera.

Lomography as a company has been consistently pushing new products, developing new film stock (I’m looking at you, Metropolis!), and putting out new cameras (e.g. the SprocketRocket that I adore). I’d used their Redscale, LomoChrome Turquoise, and LomoChrome Purple films (first generation versions), and while Redscale is a basic concept, the LomoChrome films create a surreal landscape much like the original infrared films like Kodak AEROCHROME (it doesn’t require the light sensitivity of IR films though).

LomoChrome Purple 2.0’s release affords richer contrasts, more surprises in brighter light, and the surreal quality of these film stocks, even when shooting portraits. While I didn’t drag any LomoChrome Purple film to Europe on that trip, I’ve shot several rolls here in the desert cities near Phoenix as well as wet forests of the Pacific Northwest. The film loves a lot of light, offers a lot of surprising texture in the shadows, and has variable ISO rates from 100-400.

Currently LomoChrome Purple XR 2 version is available in limited stocks but the love for the film is pushing up the prices. If you can find a deal, try it, or even better, try the new v3 which hit shelves in late 2019. Now, if they would just bring back their LomoChrome Turquoise we’ll all be chuffed.

~ Devon

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