Metropolis… some of you may think about the movie directed by Fritz Lang. Today, however, it’s also the name of the newest color film from Lomography. In this short series, I would like to show you my first images taken with this analog film.

The LomoChrome Metropolis has been waiting for the first use for several weeks now. On a weekend in February, we travelled to Frankfurt am Main for a short two-day trip. That was the perfect opportunity to take some rolls of the new color film and try out what you can get with it. I wanted to capture some skyscrapers and the streets of the city as we were walking through Frankfurt.

For the camera, I chose my medium format Fujifilm GA645Wi Professional with a super sharp 45mm/F4 lens. This wide-angle lens is great for architecture images and street photos. The camera is a very compact point and shoot camera and has auto-focus.

I like to experiment with film a lot, so I was curious about the new product. I got my rolls from the Kickstarter campaign where I ordered a couple of 35mm and 120 format films. The sensitivity is specified within the range from 100 to 400 ISO. So I decided to use a setting in between and take the pictures with an ISO 250. The weather was mostly cloudy with a few sun rays now and then.

The time in Frankfurt was over really quickly, we enjoyed some interesting exhibitions and walks along the river. In the end, I completed two rolls of the 120 format Metropolis film. Back at home, I developed these with a rotary processor and the Tetenal C-41 kit.

My first thoughts about the Metropolis film results were that you really get very unique images. The pictures have desaturated colors and a green-blue tonality, which is uncommon and makes them look special. I like it a lot and it reminds me of my cross-processed images.

In the next weeks, I will use this film much more, mostly I want to try out how it looks like in night scenes.

~ Steffi

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