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Camera review: Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera – by Kikie Wilkins

In 1963, the Polaroid Corporation introduced the Automatic 100 Land Camera (also known as the Model 100). Named after Polaroid co-founder and...

5 Frames with… Polaroid Originals SX-70 B&W (SX-70 / EI 160...

I started this project a couple of months ago to document my wife’s passion for flowers and plants. Our small flat is just full of them. They are of different shapes and sizes.

5 Frames With… Impossible Project I-Type Color (Polaroid Originals One Step...

Up until recently I wasn’t one for instant photography at all, I’d tried it with an Instax but that had been for a specific project that had petered out and never really gone anywhere.

Camera review: Impossible I-1 – by Russell Jones-Davies

Up until the recent release of the One Step 2, the Impossible I-1 was the first new Polaroid camera in how long? From the reviews I read, it received a strange welcome into the world of instant photography.

How to create Polaroid emulsion lifts – by Matt Parry

At some point in 2017, I went through a phase of photographic despondency but developed an interested in alternative, broadly photographic ventures.

EMULSIVE interview #173: I am Rachel Brewster-Wright and this is why...

January 27th 2016. Let that date burn into your memory. The was the first time today's interviewee and I first made email contact.

A Brief History of… Polaroid

In an act of ultimate consumation, the company that was formed to save what was left of Polaroid Corporation's dying European infrastructure has now been assimilated into the very brand it sought to help...but the story of how this state