Up until recently I wasn’t one for instant photography at all, I’d tried it with an Instax but that had been for a specific project that had petered out and never really gone anywhere. I had a bit of a (mistaken) belief that if I wanted film I’d shoot 35mm or 120 and if I wanted something right now I’d shoot digital. However ever since I got my hands on a new One Step 2 camera I’ve become a little bit obsessed with shooting instant film.

I’ve shot the newer I-Type Color film by Polaroid Originals but due to its expense, and me finding a good deal on Ebay, (Ten English Pounds a pack rather than the newer fifteen or so) I’ve been shooting much more of the older Impossible Project I-Type emulsion instead. Most of this film has been cold stored and is coming up to or just beyond its use by date so I can’t vouch for if the results I’ve been getting are a true reflection of what it can do, but what I’ve been seeing I like, and I like it a lot.

It’s not perfect by a long way, I mean the emulsion smears like mad and takes an age to develop the image in comparison to the newer stuff but if you’re shooting on Polaroid then you’re not looking for perfect are you? The colours also seem to be a bit muted in comparison to the fresher Polaroid Originals stuff but again that could be due to the age of the packs I’ve been shooting rather than the emulsion’s qualities itself. Besides, I really think the film has its charm and there’s been plenty of instances where I’ve been unexpectedly thrilled when I’ve seen the final image.

Below are some examples I’ve shot over the past few months.

~ Ed

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