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5 Frames With… ILFORD HP5 PLUS (EI 1600 / 35mm /...

These 5 frames are from a roll of ILFORD HP5 PLUS I shot on my Nikon FE and 24mm f/2.8D lens while visiting Toronto earlier this year. It had been raining for two full days.

5 Frames With… Rollei Infrared 400 (EI 400 / 135 /...

I have always found the look of black and white infrared photographs intriguing and really wanted to try it myself.

My return to film: Marcus Grandon

The last time I shot film was somewhere around 2002, and I certainly hadn’t purchased a film camera this century. That all changed when I picked up a used Nikon FE in Ginza, Tokyo a few weeks ago.

5 Frames With… Lomography LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 (EI100-400 / 35mm...

My first film camera was the Nikon FE, I bought it off Kijiji (the Canadian version of Craigslist) with two lenses, flash and a funky vintage bag for $75.

EMULSIVE interview #172: I am Joy Celine Asto and this is...

It's a pleasure to be able to bring you all the work and words of Joy Celine Asto, whom some of you may remember from her article introducing Manila back at the top of 2017.

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