I always wanted a cheap, simple camera. That would not make me too sad, if I scratched it, lost it, broke it, a real user camera. An SLR, for simple focussing, a Nikon, since I had some lenses already. So I wanted “one of those MF Nikons”. I went out, visited some stores, and came across a black FE for a good price.

My Nikon FE and Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f:2.8 D, Clemens
My Nikon FE and Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f:2.8 D, Clemens

With this simple camera, it was time to try some of the lenses I already had, and some films that were recommended to me. As I felt especially adventurous on that day, I decided to use Fujifilm C200 for the first time, and pair it with the AF Micro-Nikkor, that I had initially bought for film scanning. As I usually prefer wide angles, and ISO 400 film at least, this was very much out of my comfort zone.

The sun was out, so I went on my way, keeping my distance from all the other people, which was actually not too different to do. You might think, huh, Tokyo, isn’t that always crowded, like the images we see online? And yes, sometimes it is. But it depends, on where you are. I live in an area that is almost quiet, and if you wouldn’t know, you would imagine it to be in a small city of maybe 500 people… So, I just walked to the supermarket, then along some parks in my area, and tried to finish that roll quickly, to see how this consumer film would look.

Shortly after, I gave it for development to a big chain, together with three more films that I had shot in the new to me FE. Just some days after, the call came in, that my films were ready. I quickly went to the store, rushed home, and after camera scanning and the negative conversion in Negative Lab Pro, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Soft colors, but strong, a perfect representation of the sunny day, and a great balance between juicy reds and popping greens. I immediately fell in love, and can’t wait until I am done with the Lomo 400 that I loaded after… so I can get back to Fujifilm C200 as soon as possible!

~ Clemens

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  1. Wonderfully very great. Love the real true british Mini, such a pleasure, not the actual one from BMW no relation with a mini.
    Photo great and very sharp.

  2. These are beautiful shots. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Tokyo last summer, and I absolutely loved it. I would only be guessing, but your photos remind me of Meguro City, where I spent a day wandering with my camera. It was a lovely quiet neighbourhood at odds with what I had seen in Shinjuku. I can’t wait to get back to Tokyo one day and take in more of its amazing scenery.

  3. Really stunning shots, beautifully digitised. May I ask what camera you used to digitise? Never thought I’d see such great colour with C200. Lovely! 👏🏻