Leica M3

EMULSIVE interview #185: I am Tony Vaccaro and this is why I shoot film

It's impossible to understate Tony Vaccaro's contribution to the 20th century, be it in his role as World War II combatant and documentarian, or his post-war work in fashion and portrait photography.

EMULSIVE interview #63: I am Chuck Miller and this is why I shoot film

Today we've dragged Chuck Miller away from his day job to tell us a bit about himself and his often seen "splitfilm" photography. In case you're not familiar with it, I won't spoil it here.

EMULSIVE interview #26: I am Mike Fraser and this is why I shoot film

Today we're sitting down with Mike Fraser, Toronto-based photographer, cancer researcher and all round globe-trotting nice guy. Mike works in film of all formats, as well as the occasional foray into digital.