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An accidental Rolleiflex TLR: A new experience with the Rolleiflex Automat 6×6 Model RF 111A

I had used film from the late 1950s right up to the digital revolution when I was seduced by what the new cameras could do. As DSLR cameras improved (I now have a Nikon D850) there were few practical reasons for working with the older technology. But what does practicality have to do with anything? […]

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Same format, different story: Making the switch from a Pentax 67 to a Mamiya 7ii

I had been meaning to get into the medium format 6×7 game for a while and I finally bought the Pentax 67 (the “middle” version before the 67II) at an auction. For a long time, it was my go-to medium format camera. We had a real love-hate relationship. I loved the 105mm lens and hated, […]

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5 Frames… On “Secret Santa” Kodak TMAX P3200 (35mm Format / EI 3200 / Praktica MTL5 + Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.8 Ultron)

Christmas 2019 a discreet messenger informed me I was to receive a “Secret Santa” gift, and asked what I might suggest. I was curious to try Kodak TMAX P3200, so I suggested this as a gift. Two rolls did arrive, and I shot one of them in late December through January (still have the other). […]

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5 Frames… Shooting Blues Night 1993 with Stan Webb and Chicken Shack on Kodak T-MAX 3200 (35mm Format / EI 3200 / Minolta X-300 + Tokina SD 70-210mm f/4-5.6)

In autumn 1993 it was time again. The annual Blues Night in the neighboring town of Idar-Oberstein was coming up. This time I also wanted to take pictures there. My first time in a dark hall with a few spotlights on stage. What do I need? Flash was already categorically ruled out for me. I […]

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5 Frames… Of a ghost town called Chicago in January 2021 (Kodak T-MAX 400 (35mm Format / EI 320 / Nikon F + Nikkor NC Auto 24mm f/2.8 pre-AI)

It’s the beginning of 2021 and COVID is still running full force. I am a freelance corporate photographer and COVID-19 has decimated my business. So this was a rare instance in which a client from a Chicago law firm called for some portraits of a few new attorneys. I hadn’t been to downtown Chicago since […]

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5 Frames… Of Christmas double exposures on Kodak Color Plus 200 and a Vivitar Powershot (35mm Format / EI 200)

On Christmas Eve I polished up my Vivitar Powershot Point and Shoot 35mm camera that I rescued from the recycle bin at work and loaded it up with a roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200. I wanted to do something experimental, and the ease of point and shoot cameras lends itself perfectly to experimental photography. I […]

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Shot 100 years ago: Developing Kodak Premo-Pack 4×5 film from a Rochester Premo B camera

Shot 100 years ago: Developing Kodak Premo-Pack 4×5 film from a Rochester Premo B camera ~ by Salvador Busquets One of the most fascinating things I’ve found by collecting cameras is that from time to time, there is some exposed — but not developed — film or glass plate. They often have spent decades inside […]

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5 Frames… On 30+ year expired Kodak Panatomic X driving through New Mexico (EI 32 / Nikon F3 / Voigtlander Nokton 58mm f/1.4)

The bulk loader was a deal and came with mystery film. It had a label that said ‘Plus X 125’ so I loaded a small test roll, shot it and developed it in Kodak D-76. The results were way underexposed but it looked like it developed properly and I could read ‘KODAK SAFETY FILM 5060’ […]