Living in Arkansas, I’m always in awe of all the nature surrounding me. I can get in my car, drive, and without a doubt, end up at a hiking trail or lake. I guess that’s why they call us the “Natural State.”

I took on mountain biking not too long ago. I do all of my mountain biking at Mount Kessler. It’s a 2 mile bike ride from my apartment, and the trail itself is nearly 9 miles, so I typically bike around 22 miles.

I fell in love with the scenery and have been wanting to capture some spots that catch my attention I currently own a medium format Fuji Gx80iii S Pro which is what I do all of my work with, and a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye which I’d never used until now — for some background, I gave up shooting digital and 35mm photography and focus only on medium format photography. With my Fuji weighing almost 10 pounds, my only option was to use the Brownie and see how it performed.

From what I’ve read online about the Brownie, the camera has a shutter speed of about 1/30th – 1/50th of a second, and a fixed aperture of about f/14 – f/16 and was made to be used with ISO 100 film.

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Breaking the rules, I decided to use some Kodak T-MAX 400 (TMY-2) and I was pretty impressed with how the photos turned out.

All but one photo was shot handheld. Most of the handheld photos came out with very slight camera shake. Photo #5 (with the trees, taken at floor level) was taken exactly like that, with the camera flat on the ground when I pressed the shutter. It was no surprise that it turned out to be the sharpest photo of the bunch.

I developed the film at home using the Cinestill Df96 Monobath and scanned it on an Epson V600 at 6400 dpi. I think my next challenge will be to shoot some Fuji Provia 100F and see how well the Kodak Brownie delivers the colors and character of the film.

~ Jesse

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Jesse Camacho

Jesse developed his creative expression through his interest in photography which he continues to pursue with an unstoppable passion. He gave up shooting digital and 35mm and focuses solely on medium format.

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