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My return to film: Roy Shiro

Many photographers look back at their work at the end of the year, to assess, critique, and, if you’re like me, to convince themselves that they’re moving forward with their work. This year was a bit different in some respects for me, as the end of the year marks the one-year anniversary of my move […]

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5 Frames… Of the the West Australian Wheatbelt on Kodak Ektar 100 and a Franka Rolfix II (120 Format / EI 100 / Schneider Kreuznach Radionar 105mm f/4.5)

I headed out to the West Australian Wheatbelt with a battery of cameras: a Polaroid SX-70, a Kodak Cresta, an Ilford disposable, and a Kodak Hawkeye, but the Franka Rolfix was the sentimental favorite. I bought it in Ottawa for fifty dollars, mainly because of the stamp near the hinge: “Made in Germany U.S Zone”, […]

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Same format, different story: Making the switch from a Pentax 67 to a Mamiya 7ii

I had been meaning to get into the medium format 6×7 game for a while and I finally bought the Pentax 67 (the “middle” version before the 67II) at an auction. For a long time, it was my go-to medium format camera. We had a real love-hate relationship. I loved the 105mm lens and hated, […]

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5 Frames… Of Los Angeles on a quiet New Years’ Eve day 2020 (Kodak Ektar 100 / EI 100 / Contax G1 + Carl Zeiss 90mm f/2.8 Sonnar T*)

As a creative, making it to the end of 2020 felt like a literal Sysiphus myth — pushing a giant boulder uphill all year to stay creative, make money, stay healthy and not lose hope. It required a lot of patience, determination, and self-care. I made the move to LA in the midst of the […]

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5 Frames… Of the Pacific coast at Pomponio on Kodak Ektar 100 (EI 100 / 120 Format / Zenza-Bronica GS-1 + Zenzanon PG 100 f/3.5)

The fisherman were already there that morning. They had arrived long before sunrise with their reels and lines and pole holders made from cut off pieces of PVC pipe. Of course, there were the crabbers, too, who began to roll down to the surf just after I did, wearing their faded chest waders and carrying […]

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5 Frames… Of stunning Piedmont on Kodak Ektar 100 (35mm Format / EI 100 / Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 + Yashica ML 28mm f/2.8)

I came across film photography by chance, after my exchange year during university a few years ago. I feel very blessed cause I had the opportunity to travel a lot in my free time and to visit many beautiful places in Europe. The only thing was that back then, I knew almost nothing about photography […]