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Changing gear: The inverse of control AKA a Holga point of...

When I first started photography as a serious hobby I was shooting a Fujifilm X10 digital camera.

Holgas in the Himalayas – by Andrew Tonn

I continue to carry film cameras long after the world has gone digital. We had a darkroom when I was growing up and I learned to develop film and print photos when I was about 10.

Photography: Postie – Shot on ILFORD FP4 PLUS at EI 100...

Postie Shot on ILFORD FP4 PLUS at EI 100 Black and white negative film in 35mm format Holga 120 PAN + Schneider Angulon 90mm f/6.8 Read the ILFORD FP4 PLUS review    

Camera review: the Holga 135BC – by Lorraine Healy

When I was writing my eBook on the Holga cameras, I made the assumption that I would be covering as many Holga models as I could get my hands on—medium format Holgas, that is.

Photography: Steppps – Shot on Shanghai GP3 100 at EI 100...

Steppps Shot on Shanghai GP3 100 at EI 100 Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6x12          

The Ghost of New Walk Centre aka double exposures on ILFORD...

The New Walk Centre in Leicester was the City Council’s headquarters since the mid-70s and the twin-towers, being among the city’s tallest buildings, have been a landmark feature on the skyline all of my life.

Photography: Death Valley Approach #03 – Shot on Kodak EKTACHROME 100GP...

Death Valley Approach #03 Shot on Kodak EKTACHROME 100GP (E100GP) at EI 100. Color reversal (slide) film in 120 format shot as 6×12. Cross processed.          

Photography: Ghost town – Fuji Pro 160NS (120)

Ghost town Shot on Fuji Pro 160NS at EI 100. Color negative film in 120 format shot as 6x12. Push processed one stop. Holga 120 WPC          

Reviewing the %#$?! Holga 120N (the Holga Glo)

Well well well, a review on my thoughts about using a Holga, specifically the Holga 120N. A glow-in-the-dark version, which is very useful, said no one ever.

EMULSIVE interview #123: I am Laidric Stevenson and this is why...

The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise today's interviewee from his excellent and much-discussed review of the Bronica GS-1 system; as well as the beautiful images which accompany it.

EMULSIVE interview #109: I am Unsavoryandgrouse and this is why I...

Today we've got a little treat for you in the form of Nik, aka unsavouryandgrouse. Nik's a relatively new film shooter and based in Australia.

EMULSIVE interview #98: I am LA Lyles and this is why...

Today's interviewee stumbled into film photography as a result of not wanting to be left out of all the fun that was going on around her. I'm incredibly glad that she did and I'm sure you will be too, after

EMULSIVE interview #97: I am Lorraine Healy and this is why...

No matter how you feel about Holgas, you have to admit that they're iconic.

Travelogue: Moroccan autumn – Lorraine Healy

In October 2015 I spent 10 days in Morocco with a small group of photographers led by Lee Frost, the renowned English landscape photographer.

The photographer's daypack part 3: Toy camera style

Well, it seems like we hit a nerve with Jonas Lundström and he's out for blood. With all the hubbub surrounding Holga Week 2015, he wrote in to complain softly ask why we haven't yet featured any "toy cameras".

EMULSIVE interview #4: I am Jennifer Henriksen and this is why...

Today we're sitting down with the one and only Jennifer Henriksen, or as you may better know her, mastermind and overlord of Holga Week, HolgaJen. Here you go, Jen.

Holga Week 2015 is here: start your engines!

Is it that time of year already?