Is it that time of year already? Summer is upon us and for plastic camera lovers everywhere, things are heating up.
Ladies and gentlemen you have one week to get your submissions in for Holga Week 2015!

How to get involved

The premise of Holga Week is simple; it’s all about using your Holga film camera, or Holga lens to shoot and share photos taken during the week of July 20-26 2015. You can use film, or digital as your medium of choice, just make sure that you’re using Holga “glass”.

Here’s how it works:

It’s really that simple.

Categories, judges and winners

Holga 2015 also has three categories for you to submit your shots to.  They are:

  • People and Portraits
  • Landscape and Nature
  • City and Urban

It’s entirely your choice to enter all your images into one category, or a single image into each. But remember that only images taken during Holga week will be eligble for entry, so make sure you make the most of July 20-26! There are three (as yet unannounced) prizes up for grabs. If your image catches the eye of one of the three Holga Week 2015 judges, you win.

Speaking of whom, the judges this year are:

Blue Mitchell
An independent publisher, curator, educator, and photographer. Based in Portland, Oregon, he has been involved with many facets of the photographic arts and is the founder of One Twelve Publishing. One Twelve’s photographic annual Diffusion is internationally distributed and respected; and celebrated it’s 5th Anniversary Retrospective exhibition in 2014.

Paul Sneyd
Master Printer for over 35 years, Paul is the owner of Panopticon Inc. Throughout the last 35 years, Paul has printed for and worked with many local and national photographers, and has produced images for, and has working relationships with a large sum of New England galleries, including the Boston Public Library, Focus Gallery, Griffin Museum of Photography, Harvard Law School, Museum of Fine Arts, North River Arts Center, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Panopticon Gallery, and the South Shore Arts Center.

Jennifer Henriksen
A fine art photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. Jennifer is a self-taught photographer who started her work in early 2005. You might also know her as HoglaJen, organiser and operator of Holga Week!

In need of inspiration?

Head on over to the 2014 submissions gallery for a peek at what nearly made the cut last year, so scroll down to take a look at 2014’s winning shots.

You might be interested in...

Paradise Seat by Ross Togashi

Shot on a Holga 120N converted to a self-made “Pinholga” pinhole camera.
Artist’s website:

Paradise Seat - Holga 120N converted to a self-made “Pinholga” - Ross Togashi
Paradise Seat – Holga 120N converted to a self-made “Pinholga” – Ross Togashi

The love locks horseman by Frau Inga

Holga 120 GN and  Kodak E100G (cross processed)
Artist’s website:

The love locks horseman - Holga 120 GN Kodak E100G XPRO - Frau Inga (Inge van Leipsig)
The love locks horseman – Holga 120 GN Kodak E100G XPRO – Frau Inga (Inge van Leipsig)

Apple by Kathi Bondzio

Holga 120 FN with Holga Close-Up Lens CL-120
Artist’s website:

Apple - Holga 120 FN & Holga Close-Up Lens CL-120 - Kathi Bondzio
Apple – Holga 120 FN & Holga Close-Up Lens CL-120 – Kathi Bondzio

A final word from HolgaJen

For me, shooting with a Holga fits with my creative vision. I always feel inspired when I am shooting with one. I am grateful for the way the Holga inspired me to start creating a body of work and it will always be my first camera love. Because of this, I like to promote the Holga and encourage others to shoot with it.

This is why I developed my blog years ago, and more recently Holga Week. The Holga and Toy Camera/film community is a great place and it’s always inspiring to share work and see what others are doing with their plastic cameras.

~ HolgaJen

Coming up

In celebration of Holga Week 2015, we’ll be running a couple of related articles next week, as well as an extended interview with HolgaJen. In the meantime, you can your Holga fix by heading over to the Holga Week website, or following Holga Week on Twitter.

~ EM

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