It’s taken a little while to put together but we’re incredibly pleased to introduce you all to the brave subject of this, the first EMULSIVE Community Interview. In fact, you’ve probably already guessed from the obvious feature image and headline that it’s the one and only Lomography.

This is your opportunity to put them under the community spotlight, as in their own words: “Don’t Think, Just Shoot Ask.”



Lomography who?

To echo our Lomography Turquoise review from 2015: objectively speaking, this collective has done more for film photography in the last ten years than Kodak, Fuji, Hasselblad, Leica, Rollei, Nikon and Canon combined. Just take a look at these NEW products from the last five years (no particular order):

  • A new Nikon/Canon mount Petzval lens (2014)
  • The “Spinner” and “Sprocket Rocket” 35mm cameras released
  • A new M-mount lens (Russar)
  • A new 6×12 medium format camera with AE (Belair)
  • A DIY 35mm SLR (Konstructor)
  • A smartphone film scanner and app
  • Another new Petzval lens (2015, Nikon DC style)
  • New glass lenses for the Diana F+
  • A new automatic exposure medium format camera (LCA 120)
  • New 110 cameras and 110 film…FRESH 110 film!
  • A fantastic Instax camera
  • At least two new film stocks in 35mm and 120 format

…oh, and this list doesn’t include Lomography’s new Instax Wide camera, or M-mount Minitar and Jupiter-3 lenses.

Regardless of you previous encounters with Lomography and their products, the volume and positive impact of their activity in the film photography space since being founded in 1992 is undeniable.

I’ll leave you to make up your own minds but it’s plain to see that they have had a considerable hand in keeping film photography alive in recent years.




As per our introductory article, this interview will be presented in three parts:


Part one: Call for submissions (this article)

The submission window is open from today until March 17th 2015. This is your chance to have a think about what kind of questions you want to ask to Lomography and submit them in the comments below. Please keep your questions concise and submit no more than two each. Only new, parent comments will be considered for entry, so please don’t add them as replies to others if you want a chance to have yours featured. When doors close on March 17th 2015, we’ll be locking the thread and our panel will be tasked with whittling down your submissions to ten questions (more on the panel in a bit).


Part two: Handover

Once the submission window has closed and the panel has had a chance to deliberate, the shortlisted questions will be passed over to Lomography for review. We’ll be working with them to put together a finished article where you can see their responses within around a fortnight. The shortlist will consist of two questions from EMULSIVE, one each from the panel and up to ten from your submissions.


Part three: Release

We’re expecting to have the finished interview released toward the end of March and beginning of April. If you posted a question that made the cut, you’ll be credited in the finished piece. There may be other things to announce here but we’ll leave that until closer to the time.




As noted above, there will be 2 questions from EMULSIVE and one each from our selection panel. It’s the job of the panel to help make the final decision as to which of the questions submitted will make the cut for the final piece.

Why go to the trouble of selecting a panel? Having an impartial group in place should alleviate any concerns regarding impartiality and bias; and makes the process transparent. Anyone can be a panel member for future Community Interviews, all you need do is ask. Speaking of the panel, here they are:

Kim @kimmiechem2
Diz @dizd
Jennifer Henriksen @holgajen



Starting questions

The questions below form only the beginning of this Community Interview and can be added to, or expanded upon with your own. Please be careful not to repeat, or post similar questions to the ones below, as your entry will likely be discarded. Here’s what we have to start things off:


Lomography has forged a few paths with art lenses and increasingly diverse choices for instant photography cameras. Bearing that in mind, are you looking to veer away from traditional film chemistries in the long-term, in favor of art-lenses (which can also appeal to the digital market), and instant photography?


I am just getting to know Lomography, so understanding what you stand for would be helpful. I’d like you to give me your elevator pitch of what your mission statement is and how your latest offerings support that.


I purchased my first Holga from Lomography many, many years ago. It was definitely a turning point in my artistic life! With the recent news of the Holga factory closure, what do you see as the future of this iconic camera? Does Lomography have any plans in the works to perhaps keep the Holga alive in some way? And if so, can you share any of that with us?


In recent years the company has dipped its toes into creating new M-mount lenses, as well as resurrecting the old (Russar, Minitar, Jupiter). With the recent news of your partner Zenit re-entering the camera market, can we expect to see new Lomography branded camera to take advantage of the new glass?


Fuji seem to be interested in maintaining their Instax instant film products over and above other formats (although there have been hazy commitments to supporting 35mm, 120 and sheet film for the next few years). With interest in instant photography appearing to grow and grow, can you see a future where we’ll see new instant film stocks, especially black and white?



What next?

Doors for submissions are open until March 17th 2015 and the only way to submit your question is in the comments below.

Questions are not subject to moderation at this stage but you are asked to keep them civil and in the spirit of the community.

Please prepend your submission with, “Question:”. For example:

Question: why do you use an 8-bit style font for your logo?

Finally, if two or more very similar questions are posted, we will endeavour to credit the first person who posted it.

If we feel that two or more questions can be combined without losing their original value, we’ll credit each submitter as required.

Feel free to use email, Facebook, Twitter, or the comments for any questions you might have!

Over to you.

~ EM