Community Interviews

EMULSIVE x CineStill Film Community Interview: submit your questions

It’s time to introduce the latest in this series of EMULSIVE Community Interviews, this time we're going one-on-one (one-on-two?) with the Brothers Wright, the brains and brawn behind CineStill Film - Cinema film for Still cameras.

EMULSIVE x Kodak Alaris Community Interview: results time

Back in October 2016, we invited you all to submit your questions to Kodak Alaris for the third #EMULSIVE community interview. Well, we're finally ready to share the results!     Thank you's and introductions First of all, a massive

EMULSIVE x FILM Ferrania Community Interview: Submit your questions

It's time to introduce the fifth in our series of EMULSIVE Community Interviews to you, this time with the brains at FILM Ferrania, a little Italian company you may have heard of here and there. If you're wondering where interviews

EMULSIVE x Billingham Community Interview: Submit your questions

It's time to introduce the fourth in our series of Community Interviews and open the doors for your contributed questions. The subject of interview number four should be familiar to some if not all of you out there;

The EMULSIVE x ILFORD PHOTO Community Interview: submit your questions

Hot on the heels of our recent EMULSIVE x Lomography Community Interview, we're back with another member of the film photography industry eager for your questions. This time, it's young industry upstart ILFORD PHOTO and this is your chance to

Introducing EMULSIVE Community Interviews

It's all about Community. As photographers, we discuss, debate and evangelize our passion for the medium of photographic film, as well as the hardware and techniques wrapped around it.