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EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Sponsors and community causesEMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Sponsors and community causes

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 – Sponsors and community causes

UPDATE: Community Causes nominations extended to December 31st!

Sponsors have always been a big part of EMULSIVE Santa and 2018’s event is bringing a big change that’s going to allows us to give even more back to the community.

For 2018, we’re tasking you, the film photography community, to help us decide where our sponsor gifts go so they can have the greatest positive impact.

We want your help to nominate local, grassroots efforts – Community Causes – which inspire, inform and educate both this and next generation of photographers about the creative opportunities available to them through analogue photography and processes.

With your help, we’ll select three Community Causes finalists who will receive one gift from each of this year’s growing list of sponsors.

Here’s what’s covered in this article:



The sponsors

The aim of this year’s sponsor gifts is to create a “full-wrap” of products and services including materials, merchandise, media, chemistry and services.

Sponsors for 2018’s EMULSIVE Santa come from both established and new industry figures and their gifts will assist our Community Causes finalists in the creation and execution of their analogue photography programs, events/workshops and aid their long-term community-based projects.

At the time of this announcement, 27 sponsors have signed up to support 2018’s event:

EMULSIVE Santa 2018 Sponsors

EMULSIVE Santa 2018 Sponsors

In alphabetical order they are:

Analogue Wonderland, Chroma Camera, Cinestill, Dubble, Film Folk, Foma Bohemia, ILFORD, Intrepid, JCH, Kodak Alaris, Kodak EASTMAN, Kodak Motion, Kosmo Foto, Lomography, Mixam, Parallax Coop, Paterson Photographic, PhotoKlassik International, pixl-latr, Print File, Revolog, Shoot Film Co, Solarcan, Tetenal, Ultrafine and Washi

As in previous years, each event sponsor will be making three gifts available. These three gifts will be distributed to a single Community Cause in one of three regions around the world:

The Americas, Europe and Africa, Asia and Australasia.

We’re still looking out for more sponsors, especially those who can help fulfil lab services in each of those three regions. If you are interested in jumping on, just drop me a line using the contact form.



Community Causes nominations

Nominations for Community Causes recipients takes place between September 3 and December 31st 2018. During this time you can nominate as many good causes as you would like, as long as they meet the following basic criteria:

  • They are engaged in grassroots efforts on a local level to inform, educate and inspire children and/or adults about analogue photography and processes.
  • They have demonstrable past work encouraging the uptake of analogue photography, or providing educational services focused on analogue photography and processes.
  • They have an inclusive approach to social, gender, racial and religious equality.

You can nominate the same person/group more than once but it won’t be counted more than once – we are building a list, not asking for a vote at this stage. You may also nominate yourself, if you run a busness/non-profit that meets the criteria above.

You can submit your nomination using the form embedded at the foot of this article.

Only single vote per person, per Community Cause, will be counted.



Shortlisting nominees

Once the nomination window closes on December 31st, the EMULSIVE Santa 2018 team will create a shortlist of five good causes per region: The Americas, Europe and Africa, Asia and Australasia.

The shortlisting process will involve researching, vetting and speaking with nominees in an effort to create a better picture for shortlisting. Once complete, we will invite participants of 2018’s EMULSIVE Santa event to place their votes to select one finalist for each of the three named regions.



Finalists and follow-up

As per previous EMULSIVE Santa events, sponsor gifts will be shipped directly to the three finalists. We’ll be keeping tabs here to make sure that they all get to their destinations on time.

There are potentially one or two gifts which may not arrive until after the new year, as they contain items which are in development or have not been released.

Building and developing relationships with both nominees and final recipients through 2018 and beyond is crucial.

The EMULSIVE Santa team will be following Community Causes finalists and shortlisted nominees throughout the year and encouraging you to help out and join in via social media.

We are also planning a number of follow-up articles and interviews on finalist progress throughout 2019, sharing how their sponsor gifts were used and the outcomes of their projects.



Thank you

I had originally planned to include the good causes elements you see here as part of EMULSIVE Santa 2019. As you might understand, the event on its own is no small undertaking and requires organising multiple moving parts to ensure that everything goes smoothly and my main concern in the run-up to private registration in August was having enough time to think it all through and most importantly, to do it right.

I have to thank this year’s team for their support, ideas and all-important feedback. Without them, it would not be happening. The EMULSIVE Santa team for this year’s event are:

Aislinn Chuahiock (returning for a second year of punishment).

Graeme Jago, who helped me realise in July that it wasn’t too late to bring good causes to this year’s event.

Mike Padua, whose experience with engaging good causes will prove to be invaluable as we enter the shortlisting phase of the event.

Thank you all for smoothing the process so far.

The nomination form follows below. If you have any questions about EMULSIVE Santa 2018 in general, please check out the announcement article and if you’re having any problems please send me an email or a message via Elfster. Please don’t DM via social media, as it’s likely your request will be lost and I want to make sure that all queries are answered.


~ EM



Make your nomination

If you have any trouble seeing the form below, please visit this link.



Write for EMULSIVE

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Take action and help drive an open, collaborative community: all you need do is read this and then drop me a line.



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In short, I want to continue building this platform and I’d love your help to make that happen.


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