We love sharing. In fact, we’d like to think it’s a big part of our remit to inform you of upcoming film photography gatherings and goings-on, both small and large. With this in mind, we’re incredibly honoured to be able to talk to you about an upcoming exhibition by the venerable Dr. Ron Ritz MD:

‘INDIA’ – The Heritage Collection.

Shot (as you may have guessed) on the Indian sub-continent, I’ve been privileged enough to have seen a few of the photographs that will be on display ahead of time. In short, they’re really something special. Each image was shot by Dr. Ritz on Ilford Delta 100 Professional black and white film in 120 rollfilm format using his trademark Hasselblad H1.
Quoting Joaquin Salazar, curator of the event:

'INDIA' - The Heritage Collection
‘INDIA’ – The Heritage Collection

“In this stunning collection of photographs taken in India, Dr. Ron Ritz brings into full focus the truth of daily life in the slums of Mumbai, the opulent grandeur of the Taj Mahal, and the mysterious legend of life in the shadow of the Himalayas.

Dr. Ritz brings us into the picture as we witness people in their homes, sees them manage life in the streets, and offers us insight into the stoicism of those whose existence is endured in some of the most challenging living conditions in the world. The full spectrum of the human condition is captured from infancy to the aged with all their visual stories of life, love, and loss, in between.

The collection includes more than 100 images that have been expertly produced on RC paper printed by Dr. Ritz in his darkroom, and subsequently duplicated with infinite care in digital format by Joaquin Salazar. This compilation not only serves as a testimony to the delightful diversity of people’s lives in today’s India, but also offers a body of work, which demonstrates the skill acquired through years of questing for excellence in execution by both Dr. Ritz and Joaquin Salazar.”

Here’s a quick sneak peek of some of the work that will be on display:

The approach of Dr.Ritz and his wife/partner, Shauna Ritz is rather unique to say the least. Many of their photographic destinations are kept a secret for as long as possible, landing Dr.Ritz in a surprise environment with his Hasselblad H1, some film and the occasional whiff of jetlag. The pair travel like this a few times a year, gathering as much of the world as they can using their respective camera rigs.

Dr.Ritz was in Cuba this past May and plans to release his Cuba collection later this year. His next trip is in August but we’ll only find out where he’s going once he gets back.

Please clear some time in your schedules and head on over to Pine River Valley, Bayfield, Colorado, USA to more closely appreciate this wonderful project.
You can also find out more by visiting the temporary online home of Legacy Studio Gallery, or contact Joaquin Salazar (curator) at either joaquin@substratumgallery.com, or 970.394.0047.

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Finally, here’s a little about the man behind the lens:

Dr. Ron. Ritz

Dr. Ron Ritz
Dr. Ron Ritz

Dr. Ritz has practiced as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in many remote destinations around the globe, teaching fellow surgeons operating techniques, and offering care to those far afield in underprivileged circumstances. For many years, he had a busy practice in Los Angeles, California, and in the early 1990s relocated to Durango, Colorado to enjoy the peace and beauty of a rural environment, where he practices today.

The same sensitivity required of an exceptional surgeon, is also evident in Dr. Ritz’s Black and White photographs, which span four decades. As an old school photographer, he continues to develop his negatives, and effigies in his own darkroom. From experiencing the image first hand as his shutter clicks, to completing the developing of each, he expresses the essence of his subjects in their most candid appearance.

An ardent lover of photography for the past forty-five years, looking through the lens comes naturally to Dr. Ritz. His ability to identify and capture juxtaposition, and the personal essence of his portrait subjects, transports the viewer, creating a lasting impression, which is both captivating and personal.

Dr. Ritz uses medium format film, not digital, and through his many years of acquired skill and technique in the dark room, achieves his desired effect through developing his own negatives and images.

Dr. Ritz has traveled extensively to many remote parts of the world practicing Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, teaching surgical technique, and offering surgical intervention to those with limited resources. These photographs are a sampling of his travels, and offer insight into the cultural identities as he sees them through the lens of his Hasselblad and Leica cameras.

~ EM

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