Hot on the heels of EKTACHROME E100’s general release and the announcement of Cinestill’s TCS-1000 is Japan Camera Hunter aka Bellamy Hunt, with news of a new disposable camera – the KASSHA – and a limited edition camera bag created in collaboration with ONA.

The bag, known as the “ONA X JCH Bowery limited edition” will be something familiar to owners of the original Bowrey but with a few thoughtful changes: the outer pockets have been moved to inside the bag, the rear compartment is now secured with a zip for better security and the bare brass fittings are now black paint glass. Perfect for patina aficionados. Finally, the strap has been fitted with a bandolier to hold spare 35mm film canisters.

On the bag, Bellamy says:

“The bag is a collaboration with ONA and the result of over a year of work. I wanted a shoulder bag, as I only carry one camera and a few items. It’s a specially modified ONA Bowery which was a great platform to start off with, but it needed some changes to suit my style.”

The photos below were shot by Keiichi Kondo on JCH Streetpan 400.

Bellamy goes on to say:

“Working with ONA has been brilliant. They gave me a lot of freedom to incorporate the things I really want from a bag I think it will really appeal to film photographers. I hope it will be a big success.”

Only 230 of the bags will be produced – each individually numbered and available through ONA’s website and select EU and Australian outlets and are priced at US$199. Get yours while you can.

Next in JCH’s Photokina 2018 news is the KASSHA, a single-use disposable camera loaded with – you guessed it – JCH Streetpan 400.

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The camera features 27 exposures of Streetpan 400, a flash and fixed focus 31mm f/9 lens. I can’t say for sure if the camera can be reloaded after the film has been shot but I’m sure some enterprising individuals will figure it out.

For the curious, “Kassha” is an onomatopoeia and the Japanese word for the click sound of a camera shutter. I have been told that bonus points are added if you say “kassha” every time you click the shutter, however your mileage may vary 😉

The KASSHA is being produced in limited amounts and you can find them right now for ¥2000 (about USD$18) over at the Japan Camera Hunter store. Other retailers should begin stocking them over the coming days and weeks.

That’s all for today but something tells me there’s still more to come from Photokina 2018.

Thanks for reading and as ever, keep shooting, folks.

~ EM

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  1. The exterior zip is a good idea for the ona, but not much can be fit in there anyway, probably less with a zipper. As an open pocket, it’s easy to stuff in a thin wallet or cell phone. A zipper is another thing to contend with. Outer pockets moved inside, I kind of like the easy exterior pocket access for simplicity sake to keep a few rolls of film and my lens cap. Simplicity is the whole idea of this bag. I would not want to have film cannisters on my strap. First, it’s a dead give-away I have a camera in the bag, and second, why not just keep it in the bag? And all of this at a price that is 33% over the standard. I’m not sure the changes warrant this price increase, even with a disposable camera thrown in. I’d rather have a few rolls of the film. L.