5 Frames… With Kodak Portra 400 (EI 400 / 120 format / Zero Image 2000 6×6) – by Daphne Schnitzer

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These pictures were all captured with my Zero Image 2000 6×6 pinhole camera on Kodak Portra 400 film. This setup is currently competing with my other favorite, a 3d-printed Flyer 6×6 pinhole camera loaded with Ektar 100.

Both cameras captured almost all of the images in my pinhole seascapes book, Vues sur mer. In the book, I use a number of series of four images, each series taken with the same camera on the same roll, to emphasize tiny color gradation and subtle cloud formation movement. The progression of the images throughout the book simulates the passing of a single summer day from morning to dusk. The present selection includes more recent pinhole seascapes from the same locations.

The Zero Image 2000 is so small and lightweight that it usually comes in my bag wherever I go, and since all paths seem to lead me eventually to two favorite hounds, namely the promenade near the old Yafo harbor and the new Tel-Aviv harbor, that is where it will perform its magic, in daytime or more often at dusk, on a gorillapod or, most often, just perched on a rolled up sweater on rock or ramp. With Portra film and its very forgiving exposure latitude I hardly have to meter the exposures any more, which is part of the pleasure in using it with a pinhole camera.

Instead I will usually shoot the same scape with my Lomo automat camera on Instax mini (or with the folding 6×6 lens camera, used much like a pinhole with a lens!) while the pinhole camera is at work, and later compare the results. In truth, it is not really an attempt to “exhaust” a place or subject that motivates my series of images, but a fascination with the endless variety of light and shapes that the “same” seascape offers from day to day.

Or does it amount to the same thing? Regardless, welcome to my 5 Frames 🙂

~ Daphne

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3 thoughts on “5 Frames… With Kodak Portra 400 (EI 400 / 120 format / Zero Image 2000 6×6) – by Daphne Schnitzer”

  1. Brilliant images. I love my Zero Image. Mine is not traversing the world on a pinhole project for the Film Shooters’ Collective. My model has the attachment for remote shutter and it is a great add.

  2. Nice work, Daphne. Mazel tov!
    I especially enjoyed the words you put to the images. There is truly endless fascination in the sea.
    Makes me want to do a Five Frames With… from my Zero Image B612. Except that at most I usually get only four frames from that camera. Oh, well.


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