Curmudgeonly commentary: the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast episode 00

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Back in June 2018, I received a Facebook message from that bloke Hamish Gill. It simply read, “We should do a sporadic podcast”. I should have stopped him there. Had I, the internet probably wouldn’t have shifted imperceptibly more towards noise over signal but what’s done is done.

In his infinite wisdom, Hamish had it in his head that recording our unbelievably dull phone conversations would be of interest to the film photography community at large. To be fair to him, so did I. It was thus the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast, or the HPP for short was born.

Throwing caution to the wind, we decided it would be a fantastic idea to go ahead and release our dry run recording as the first episode. With the exception of a top and tail featuring some truly exceptional intro and outro music, the podcast remains unedited.

Slap on an expensive-looking logo (the artist was paid in exposure) and add an iTunes link into the mix and you have something that looks like a winner but in reality, is closer to that Cornish pasty you left in your coat pocket last winter and just this minute remembered.

Your only choice is to throw out the coat. Nothing’s going to get the smell out now.

Here’s how you can listen:

Listen to the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast on Apple Podcasts
Listen to the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast on Soundcloud

Hamish and I would like to make this a quasi-semi-regular thing but honestly can’t tell you when the next episode will be out – March perhaps? We’re going to try and aim for one show a month but busy schedules and time zone differences will most likely get in the way now and again – give us a nudge if you think we’re dragging our feet.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover or if you have glowing feedback for us, please get in touch via Oh there’s an as-yet inactive Twitter account you can follow in the hope we’ll get it running and for your Facebook types, here’s a group you can join.

Thanks for listening.

~ EM (and Hamish)

Ps, a huge thanks to Toni Skokovic for helping inspire the name and Jeremy North who unwittingly gave us part of the podcast description you see above!

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