Many of EMULSIVE’s readers know David Hancock and his self-titled David Hancock Channel on YouTube. David got in touch with me a little while ago asking if I’d be able to help him promote his end of year photo competition for 2020. always happy to assist spread the good word, I invited David to do just that himself.

Over to you, David.

~ EM

I’m a film-buff and over the last 9 years, I’ve grown my channel to featuing video manuals that help people learn to use their cameras, exceedingly detailed film reviews that explain the technical side of specific film stocks in understandable ways (backed by tons of sample photos!), regular analyses of photography news stories, and even lens reviews. This year I decided to give back to my audience in a small way with an open-to-all photo contest.

First, the prizes:

The overall top photo of the year will earn the selected photographer a Pentax K1000 with 50mm f/1.7 SMC-M lens. The camera was overhauled by Eric Hendrickson of earlier this year.

There are 5 categories in total, the top prize for each will earn the photographer an 8×8 inch (20×20 cm) hardback photo book of some of David’s best photos from the past five years (you can see the photos here). This book has been produced in a limited run of only the five that are being given away and will never be printed again.

A runner-up in each category will win a camera strap designed by me that features vintage lens optical formulae (you can learn see the strap and learn more about that project here). I’ll also be covering shipping costs of all prizes regardless of where the prizewinners are in the world.

The contest is open to all photographers, YouTube subscribers or not. The rules are pure simplicity:

Submit a photo taken in 2020. The photo must fit one of the theme categories, and can be of any subject. To submit a photo leave a comment in the contest announcement video, including the category you are submitting to and a link to your the specific image you are submitting for that category.

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That’s it.

The contest is open through the end of 2020 and I’ll select the winners in the first two weeks of 2021.

The five contest themes are:

  • Extending Time
  • Freezing Time
  • Black and White
  • Fill the Frame
  • Negative Space

To give give you all some inspiration, the images in the gallery above cover my own related photography.

That’s it, over to you!

~ David

For those of you unfamiliar with David’s YouTube channel, please check it out. It would be an exercise in understatement for me to try and encapsulate 2020 in a single paragraph, so I’ll say this: I’m glad to see someone like David pulling up his socks and giving back to the community like this. It’s been a tough time for all and I’m all for spreading the word on something that brings a little joy into people’s lives.

Have participating, I know I will!

~ EM

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