5 Frames… With CineStill 800T at night (EI 800 / 120 format / Hasselblad 500 CM) – Matias Takala

I had a roll of CineStill 800T in my fridge waiting for a special occasion. I was going home from work one day and I could see a promise of fog in the air. When the fog got denser I decided that it is the time to try this film for the first time. Finnish renowned photojournalist Hannes Heikura considered fog to be intriguing subject in interviews many times so I knew there is a challenge and possibly a reward.

I have neglected my neighbourhood of Kallio district in Helsinki as a subject for photography for decades. Maybe it is not that easy to see that your ordinary environment is interesting? Fortunately, the thought of documenting the region has grown on me lately. Nowadays most of the Helsinki Travel Guides also mention Kallio. While the area has become trendy I am afraid that some of the originality has also been already lost. I hope that I can preserve some essence of the place for the years to come.

Since I went out on the streets on Friday night I was a bit worried if I get into trouble. Earlier I have used a pocket camera or DSLR handheld so I can take a photo quickly and continue. Now I had to set up my tripod, Hasselblad 500 C/M, Carl Zeiss Planar CF T* 80mm F/2.8 and shutter release cable and do all the adjustments to take a photo. It takes time and is conspicuous. My worries turned out to be unnecessary. A few times people asked if they could pass without disturbing me and I also ended up discussing film photography and the properties of the CineStill film!

I returned home when the fog was clearing out and the stars shone on the sky.

~ Matias

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Matias Takala
Matias Takala
I am an amateur photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. My subjects are mostly related to nature and culture.

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