I have to start with saying of late my taste in colour film has been changing. My first interest in colour film started with reading those books by famous photographers and early adopters of colour art photography such as Fred Herzog, you can only look on in awe at the use of Kodachrome by photographers such as those.

Alas shooting Kodachrome is no longer possible, so I started to adopt Kodak Ektar 100 as what has been for me the next nearest thing. The problem is, after a while, I started to get kind of tired / used to those sharp zingy colours, and started acquiring a taste for something different, like the more subdued colours on CineStill 50D or the more grungy look of Lomography Color Negative 400.

So, then EKTACHROME comes along, but have I moved on already? Well not completely.

I didn’t jump in right away, but I eventually got my pre-order in with Ag Photographic. Once it arrived I have to confess it did feel a little intimidating. The idea of shooting it seemed to have some sort of reverence attached to it. Seeing it sitting there on my kitchen table though, it was just too tempting. I was working at home and decided that this time I would actually take a proper lunch break! So, I picked up the most appropriate camera I have, ie what seems to me, to be the poshest one I have – a Leica R5 with Summicron 50mm f/2 lens – and set the dials to ISO 100 and aperture priority.

Looking for some autumn colour I drove to the local woods and managed to shoot off 25 frames in just under an hour. I headed home but still keen to finish off the roll and ship it back to Ag Photolab for processing, I went out on our local high-street that evening and pointed the camera at the shop windows and lights etc. I finished off those last 12 frames pretty darn quickly. Perhaps not the most thoughtful or artistic endeavour, but at least I’d be able to see the results lickety-split.

So these are my very quick examples, I would normally make some minor adjustments in LR, but not in this case, just so you can see what the film is like as naturally as possible, obviously I can’t claim them to be SOOC, but they are just normal scans exported from LR with no adjustments, hope they provide you with some food for thought!

~ Stig


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