“I thought it was color!”

That was what my friend Adele texted me when she saw the scans I’d sent. I can understand her surprise. I’ve been shooting plenty of color film, mainly Provia for the last couple of months. So going back to black and white film was a welcoming change of mood.

I’ve shot exactly two rolls of film this past weekend. It was Kentmere 400 I buy in bulk and finally managed to roll a couple of rolls of (sorry for the repetition). This time I thought I will try something new and rate it at EI 800 but develop at EI 1600  —  and NYC weather decided to present me with beautiful sunny weather.

Anyhow, with the help of an aforementioned Adele (who is also a photographer you should check out at @adele.makulova), and another friend of mine, Sam (aka Anastasia), I managed to shoot some new portraits that I quite like.

And huge thanks to the gorgeous space that is Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island — that place is epically beautiful and never disappoints (photography wise). All of the photos were shot with Nikon F4s, the mighty tank that it is, and Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-D lens. I am very much a fan of grainy images, but even at ASA 800, the scans did not have much grain to them. The film was developed in HC-110, dilution B for 12 minutes, and scanned with Epson V600.

Hope you enjoy those shots, the girls almost froze to death (the wind can be quite the pain in NYC) and I got sun/wind burnt 🙂

~ Denys

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Denys Trofimchuk

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  1. nice pictures Denys, I will be travelling to NYC in september and thinking in taking my 35mm film camera along with digital.
    I also own an epson V600 but I don’t get as beautiful scans as yours. Is there any tip to share about scanning with it? Do you use wet mounting ? Different film holders or the oem ones ? Thanks in advance