Walking in the woods, that‘s my thing. So taking pictures in the woods seems to come naturally (pun intended). As I’ve used film cameras only for about 2 years now, and self-develop my film for about 8 months, it‘s fair to say that I am still experimenting.

One of these occasions to try something new presented itself when the new Ferrania P30 Alpha was for recently sale for only a few hours. It was sold out immediately here in Germany but nevertheless, I managed to snatch a couple of rolls.

I was looking forward to shooting and developing the film however, I have only used Rodinal to date, which was not recommended by Ferrania. At the time of shooting the film only stand development appeared in Ferrania’s best practice recommendations.

Searching the internet, I found a couple of people, who tried to develop Ferrania’s new film in a more conventional way. So I decided to expose the film at EI50 and develop it in Rodinal 1+50, 13:20 min at 16°C/61°F.

I used my tried and trusted Minolta X-700, together with the Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.4. Here is what I came up with.

As you can see, the results are quite dramatic with deep blacks. It is more or less what I expected, however using Rodinal, I would even expose the film at EI40 next time. I really like the absence of grain and could imagine this film to be very popular with architecture photographers.

Thanks for reading,

~ Thomas

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