Hi, I’m Prabhahar Raja from India. I see myself as a passionate photographer although my profession is nowhere related to that passion. I have been into portrait photography for a few years now with my Fujifilm XH1 but the most interesting part in my photographic journey is, I have gotten into film photography.

I have shot 6 rolls of film stocks till now with a 50 year old Canon FTB QL that I bought from a dealer in Mumbai, guided by one of my friends who is also a film photographer. The first-ever roll (Kodak gold) being the so-called intro to film, turned out to be good enough. But the encouraging part was I learnt film photography so quickly (as I consider myself).

My Canon FTB QL and Canon 50mm f/1.4, Prabhahar Raja

Due to serious lockdowns, I have fewer projects to do, but that’s okay! I have my daughter as my model.

I received rolls of Fuji C200 and Kodak Portra 400 as gifts from my family (I love you guys). I was so excited to shoot with these film stocks since both are considered as some of the best film stocks out there and still in the market luckily.

I generally take inspiration from Magazine covers, dreaming to become a magazine cover photographer one day!

I took the Fuji C200 as the first roll of the day and had a great time explaining to my daughter the process of film photographs so that she does not play around deviating from our goal to shoot good portraits of her. We went to a nearby farm where it was just weeks before the harvest, a perfect time and place to test the film. Fuji C200 as I heard, is a bit of a vibrant toned film stock. So I used contrasting costumes and locations. The results were pleasing!

Every time I click a shot, my daughter comes up to me and demands me to show her the photo 🙂 Overtime I had to explain that it can’t be shown until I process it in a studio called Filmfoto Store in Bengaluru.

Experimenting with film stocks is really surprising. Currently Kodak Pro Image and ILFORD FP4 PLUS are on the way home from the same Filmfoto Store

The rolls had a long journey, bought From USA and sent to a small city Tirora, where I live and again to Bengaluru to scan and back to Tirora as soft, hard copies — a whopping 8571 mile journey that resulted in good, surprising and encouraging photos.

I would like to share my experience of film Photography to the world! It would be great if you could share my experience.

~ Prabhahar

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Prabhahar Raja

Hi, I'm Prabhahar Raja from India . I see myself as a passion photographer although my profession is nowhere related to my passion. I have been into portrait photography for a few years now with my Fujifilm XH1! But the most interesting part in my photographic...

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  1. That Canon was built like a tank!
    Lovely photos of your daughter, and the colors complement the subject. I enjoyed the post and the photos.

  2. I enjoyed reading this article and seeing the photos! What a journey! I just got into film photography as well and my 9 year old often serves as my mode as well. Cheers from Salt Lake City, Utah!