Mamiya 645

Bella and Lost Lake, Kodak GC 400, Minolta SRT-102, West Michigan

EMULSIVE interview #133: I am Lisa DeShantz-Cook and this is why I shoot film

After last week’s lifting of the curtain with my interview of myself (meta!), it’s back to business as usual with this week’s interview.

Well, I say business as usual but Lisa DeShantz-Cook’s photography is nothing of the sort.

#MySurrounding - Developing room

My return to film: Adib Mufty

Indulge me a brief stroll down memory lane.

It was during the fall of 2004 when I was first exposed to photography through a course at university.

EMULSIVE interview #91: I am John B Crane and this is why I shoot film

Certain readers may recognise today’s interviewee as the man behind I prefer to call him John.

Tim Dobbs - Mamiya C330 - Kodak Ektar

EMULSIVE interview #16: I am Tim Dobbs and this is why I shoot film

One must keep on one’s toes when talking with the Welsh.