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Photography: On the up, up, up and up – Shot on Kodak T-MAX 400 at EI 400 (120 Format)

Shot on Kodak T-MAX 400 at EI 400Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6x9Fuji GW690III + EBC Fujinon 90mm f/3.5. Development notesKodak HC-110: 1+47(E), 20°C/68°F, 09:15 (N)No presoak, 1-minute initial agitation, 5 inversions/minute, normal stop/fix/rinse On the up, up, up and up – Shot on Kodak T-MAX 400 at EI 400 (120 Format), […]

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A look at two uniquely different medium format Fujifilm cameras: The Fuji GA645Zi Professional and Fuji GW690III Professional

From the fully automatic point and shoot Fujifilm GA645Zi to the totally manual Fujifilm GW690III, Fujifilm’s medium format cameras encompass a wide range of types and functions and formats. I purchased both of these cameras based on recommendations from very different sources and as different as they are, I enjoy them both. I first learned […]

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5 Frames… Of the French Alps on Rollei Infrared 400 (EI 25 / 120 format / Fujifilm GSW690III Professional)

On a recent trip to the French Alps I decided to try and shoot some infrared-sensitive film for the first time. I live in Central Scotland and we haven’t seen many ultra-sunny days this year… I decided to take the Fujifilm GSW690III Professional because the quality of the Fujinon 65mm f/5.6 lens is just stunning […]