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5 Frames With… Agfa APX 100 (EI 100 / 4×5 /...

Upon the anniversary of my 50th year on this chunk of dirt, my wife took me to Costa Rica.

Film showdown: ADOX Silvermax 100 vs original Agfa APX 100

Is ADOX Silvermax 100 film the same as the old and revered Agfa APX 100 film? One day I decided to find out.

EMULSIVE interview #113: I am Rory Earnshaw and this is why...

It's a little difficult to introduce today's interviewee without resorting to superlatives. I've tried and failed. What I will say is that his images evoke feelings of peace and serenity.

EMULSIVE interview #15: I am Andrew MacGregor and this is why...

"Shooting film and riding steel framed bikes; the life I wanted but never knew existed".