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5 Frames With… ILFORD HP5 PLUS (35mm / EI 400 / Canon 7) – by Anthony Chatain5 Frames With… ILFORD HP5 PLUS (35mm / EI 400 / Canon 7) – by Anthony Chatain

5 Frames With… ILFORD HP5 PLUS (35mm / EI 400 / Canon 7) – by Anthony Chatain

I’ve been working in the main business district of Paris, La Défense, for more than a decade. Nevertheless, it took me coming back to film a few years ago to start exploring the neighbourhood. The area is home to some iconic buildings and one group is especially original in its architecture and the mosaics that cover the outside walls: the “tours Nuage” or “tours Aillaud” (the cloud towers, architect E.Aillaud.

Time has not been very kind to these residential buildings, and the mosaics are often in need of restoration, but they are a piece of architectural history, a reminder of the great changes happening in Nanterre some 40-50 years ago.

One day in December last year, I could see some blue sky while on my lunch break. I quickly grabbed a sandwich and decided to head over for a short photo walk. My Canon 7 rangefinder was the camera of the moment, paired with the Canon LTM 50/1.4 lens I got with it. It was loaded with the 400 ISO film I use the most: a roll of bulk-loaded ILFORD HP5 PLUS. This is my 2nd rangefinder camera (the 1st being a Canonet). It’s not the camera I use the most, but one I enjoy taking with me when walking the streets of Paris. Its light meter is not the most practical one to use but is accurate enough to help when in doubt.

Even though I could faintly hear children from a nearby kindergarten, I was quite alone while walking around. The place was quiet, peaceful, and the only person I saw was one of the caretakers who offered me to join him for lunch. I regret not having been able to take him on his offer, but it was already time to get back to the office. Nevermind, there will be other times.

~ Anthony



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About The Author

Anthony Chatain

I live and work in France. After 10 years using exclusively digital cameras, I came back to analog photography with the willingness to experiment with different film formats, to slow down my picture taking habits and to renew with this aspect of randomness and delayed discovery of the result inherent to film development.


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  1. Excellent photos of an interesting place.

  2. I very much enjoyed reading your article and viewing your photos.

    • Anthony Chatain

      Thank you. I’m usually not that much into writing articles, but I enjoyed taking these pictures and sharing them with the help of Em’

  3. I love the stairs. any idea where they go?

    • Anthony Chatain

      I would have to get back to check, but it is probably going to a basement &/or car park underneath the square, next to the towers.

  4. Michael Duke

    Nice project


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