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5 Frames… Printed on ILFORD Multigrade IV RC Satin in the darkroom – by Simon King

Although I’ve played around in the past I’ve never really had the motivation to seriously print my film photographs. My usual workflow involves scanning my negatives, and then releasing them digitally. When I’ve sold prints in the past I’ve used my local labs drum scanner for high quality results which are then printed in the same […]

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Film Stock Review: FPP RetroChrome 400 (EASTMAN EKTACHROME High-Speed Daylight Film 2253) – by Simon King

FPP RetroChrome 400 is the name given to a stock of 35mm Kodak EASTMAN EKTACHROME High-Speed Daylight Film 2253 (PDF datasheet) that expired in 2004 and is bulk loaded and sold by the Film Photography Project. The film was apparently very well cold-stored, meaning that it is still very useable without needing to change anything […]