Effective globally from May 11th 2020, HARMAN Technology Limited, producers of ILFORD and Kentmere photographic film, paper, chemistry and cameras will be increasing prices for most products by between 1% and 15%.

The prices increases are part of a planned annual schedule — albeit delayed for as long as possible — and not in any way related to COVID-19 or BREXIT, according to updates shared with EMULSIVE, which have subsequently been confirmed by representatives of HARMAN.

As regular readers will know, HARMAN announced the cessation of production at its factory in Mobberly, Cheshire effective April 1st 2020. The closure followed increased production in anticipation of the closure and the majority of ILFORD staff have now been placed on the UK government furlough scheme or are working from home.

Here’s how the prices increases break down:

All film developing chemistry, including ILFOTEC DD-X, MULTIGRADE Developer, PERCEPTOL, Rapid Fixer and stop bath: 15%.

ILFORD single roll photographic film, including but not limited to 35mm and 120 format HP5 PLUS, FP4 PLUS, DELTA family and ORTHO PLUS but excluding bulk loading film: 6-10%.

ILFORD bulk load photographic film, including but not limited to 35mm format, 17/30.5 meter HP5 PLUS, FP4 PLUS, the DELTA family, etc.: 6-10%.

All ILFORD photographic sheet film, including 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10: 1-6%

All KENTMERE photographic film, Kentmere 100 and 400: 6-8%

Some film products, such as ILFORD ORTHO PLUS, XP2 Super and SFX 200 are not subject to price increases at this time. In addition, photographic paper such as new Multigrade is also not affected (according to information received).

The prices increases are at the dealer/store level, so it remains to be seen how they translate into consumer increases. In addition, according to HARMAN, the changes are partly about globally aligning prices and may differ from country to country, going up as well as down.

That said, and to put the pricing into context, we’re talking pennies on the pound or cents on the dollar here. For price increases on specific products, my advice would be to give your friendly neighbourhood dealer/stockist a call to find out.

As ever, your thoughts and comments below, please.

~ EM

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  1. In Greece, almost all film prices have gone up by 100% regardless of Ilford or Kodak. It’s a shame.

  2. I have already seen this with other brands. Last year I used to buy 10 rolls of Kodak tri-x for € 65, now the lowest price I can find is € 85…. This is a 30% increase! I love tri-x but I am not reach and therefore I moved to other brands. I think that increasing the prices that much is not a smart move since it leads to the loss of many customers.

  3. For 8×10 work, HP5+ was one of my staple films, but now that this will cost $6 per sheet, I expect I will look at the cheaper alternatives.

  4. A day out with my 4×5 or 8×10 will still be about the same cost as coffee and cakes for the family at Starbucks – and probably more pleasant and more healthy!

  5. I understand the need to make a profit, and they are one of the heavy hitters in b&w. I can’t fault them for doing what it takes to stay afloat. However, during this crazy time when we can’t work due to quarantine, I must watch even the smallest amounts. I know this will all pass soon, but I have struggled with trying to decide between HP5+ and Fomapan products. I have already dumped T Max 100 for Fomapan 100 primarily because of the look of the film. I guess we shall see if HP5+ continues to stay in my cameras…

  6. I ordered some new MG enlarging paper from B&H, and the paper price had increased from the old stock. This was just before the lock-down orders were imposed in mid-March. Film was up. It is what it is. I’m committed to film & darkroom, so I’ll continue to buy. My only change is that I’m bulk loading my HP-5.