EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2015 - Decisions, decisions - Credit: @TobyVPhoto
EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2015

Decisions, decisions

Credit: @TobyVPhoto

With only four days left to register, we’re incredibly pleased to announce that the wonderful folks at Ilford Photo have decided to throw their hat in to the ring and will be playing along with the rest of us!

Joining 82 players in 21 countries, along with Kodak Alaris and The Impossible Project, Ilford’s involvement just goes to demonstrate that the film photography community is not only alive and well but can also come together in such a big way over something as small as this little project.

Thank you all very much for your participation.


How does this all affect the Secret Santa?

Kodak Alaris and Impossible have decided to join in as individual players, which means that they will be matched in the same pool as the rest of us. As they’re sneaky sorts, you might not know you’ve been matched with them, so be nice not matter who you think you got matched with.

In addition to their involvement as players in the Secret Santa, Impossible will also be making an extra goodie bag available as a special Secret Santa gift. This recipient of this gift will be chosen randomly from the pool by an ingenious random method involving a printed list of names, a blindfolded EMULSIVE Overlord and a NERF gun. We’ll notify the winner by email after the main draw has taken place.

What’s in the Impossible’s goodie bag, you ask?  Well, there will almost certainly be a bag of some sort, some film and we’re told that objects are being harvested from unsuspected employees at Impossible HQ as we speak. If you get matched, it’ll be up to you to share exactly what it is with the rest of us!

Last but by no means least, we have the mighty Ilford. Although they won’t be entering as players, they have given us a couple of goodie bags to send out to randomly chosen players using aforementioned the list / blindfold / NERF gun method.

If you get picked, you can look forward to some film, disposable cameras and photographic paper!


What next?

Sit tight, keep sharing and keep reading these updates. We’ll be posting a final reminder on 30th November and after that, the next time you’ll hear from us will be via Elfster with your match details. If you’re the lucky recipient of a goodie bag from Impossible, or Ilford, then you’ll get a second email directly from EMULSIVE HQ a couple of days after that.

We’ll also be directly emailing all players after the draw has taken place with suggestions on how you can give your gift an extra special touch, as well as details on how to share details of what you got. In the meantime, you can start using the hashtag #EMULSIVE on Twitter, FB, or Instagram.

If you have ANY issues at all, please let us know using the contact page here, or by sending an email to secretsanta2015@emulsive.org.


I want to sign up, what do I do?

The premise of the EMULSIVE Secret Santa is simple; commit to sending a fellow lover of film photography a gift – with a value of at least US$10 – be it film, a cereal box camera, or perhaps something much bigger. You can read more here.

Registration is open until Monday November 30th 2015 and the draw will be made on or around Tuesday December 1st 2015. Once the draw is made, you’ll be matched up with someone and you’ll be tasked with sending a gift to them. Remember that they might be in a different country to you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting involved:

  • Sign-up for a free account using Elfster, our chosen service provider. Use your real name, your preferred internet handle, or something else.
  • Add some details about yourself, a picture (if you want), and details of what you want and what you might give.
  • Wait until the draw and then jump into action.
  • Confirm anything you need with your match using Elfster’s messaging system and get your package ready for shipping by the end of the second week of December at the latest.
  • Remember to package responsibly and in the same manner you’d hope to receive something yourself.
  • Finally, GET PROOF OF POSTAGE. This little idea is reliant on trust. Everyone is taking everyone else for their word. If you don’t intend to send a gift, don’t take one from someone else.  We cannot stress this enough. Abusers will be publicly named and shamed – you have been told.

Still have a few questions? Not to worry, leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Very much looking forward to this folks. Thanks for joining in and thanks to @TobyVPhoto for use of his image up top!


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  1. So glad I saw this!!! I’ve been out of the loop on your site for awhile. You’ve been doing so well! I can’t wait to participate. Tis the season for shooting some film 😉