Photography: Phobetor – Of myths and nightmares – by Joy Celine...

Being a writer first and a film photographer second, I'm drawn to images and visual art that have stories to tell.

Thinking outside the box: the Hamm Camera Nubox 1 aka self-support...

There's no argument that 2017 was a good year for the analogue photography community but in my humble opinion, the assumption that it was the industry driving the analogue resurgence - or whatever you want to call it - couldn't

The Ghost of New Walk Centre aka double exposures on ILFORD...

The New Walk Centre in Leicester was the City Council’s headquarters since the mid-70s and the twin-towers, being among the city’s tallest buildings, have been a landmark feature on the skyline all of my life.

Photography: Lunar Deception – An experiment in capturing the essence of...

What started out as a stylistic reaction to the lack of creativity associated with the genre of ‘band photography’ (a seemingly endless wasteland of uninteresting pictures of people in jeans and T-shirts, standing in front of walls, sitting on sofas

Photography: ROY STRYKER – An FSA-inspired film Documentary photography project to...

I'm a dreamer. I believe the power of photographs can change America, and I have proof it's possible.

Book: Memories from another world by Tim Heubeck

My name is Tim Heubeck and I am photographer based in Germany. You may be familiar with my work under the name of wasteoffilm.

Exclusive: Japan Camera Hunter talks to EMULSIVE about his new 35mm...

Much like everyone else out there watching the Camera Ventures / Japan Camera Hunter livestream on Friday, my ears pricked up when Bellamy Hunt announced he was working on a new 35mm compact film camera. As Kosmo Foto's Stephen Dowling

Featured Project: The Tokyo Book by Paul Bradshaw

Tokyo is one of my favourite cities and I was keen to produce a series of photos exploring what makes it such a special place. The mixture of different cultural elements and influences in Japan's capital city seems to have

Photography: Lonely – my discovery of a photo series by Ivan...

In my 5 years of photography, I've never purposefully done a project or series. Until that is, I realised I had... Street photography for me has always been an adventure (a revelation that came to me only recently).

Photography: Kids of the Black Hole – by Madison Somerville

My name is Madison Somerville and I shoot exclusively on film with my Mamiya 7II and Pentax 67.

An Intrepid project: building a new 8×10 camera

"Experimentation." This is what Max Grew, co-founder of Intrepid Camera told me when I asked him what the driving force behind his company was in a conversation we had some days before the closing date of their successful 8x10 Kickstarter

Photography: Salad Days – A period of inexhaustible brash exuberance by...

Quiet rural towns offer little in the form of excitement for those stricken with terminal misbehaviour.

Collages by Virgil Roger

I'm a photographer. I don't know how long I have been calling myself that for, and for how long I've deserved it — if only I even deserve it.

Introducing the PhotoMemo from Mike Padua and Shoot Film Co.

OK fine, I'll come clean. Twitter's favorite film photography patch, sticker and decal magnate Mike Padua got in touch with me a few months ago telling me he had an idea up his creative little sleeve.

Book: Earth Stands Still by Nils Karlson

We're happy to announce the latest project by past interivewee and friend of EMULSIVE, Nils Karlson: Earth Stands Still. Nils' interview remains as one of my personal favorites, so when he mentioned that he was working on a self-published photo

Let's Explore Magazine Issue 01: The road to independent publishing

Let me get this out of the way: I unashamedly love Let's Explore Magazine. The idea, the platform, the Kickstarter campaign and the beautiful outpouring of support that was the result of Issue 00 hitting doormats the world over at

Photography: Nightcall – by Dee Elegia

I've lived in Manchester now for roughly two and half years, having relocated from Scotland to work on my photography full-time.

The Mercury Project: the answer’s yes, now what’s your question?

If you're reading this then you've probably already come across Mercury Works' Universal Camera project, currently steaming towards a modest $50,000 goal on Kickstarter. When I first came across the project I was intrigued to say the least.

Film culture: TRAPPED. On Film

Spend any appreciable amount of time talking about film photography on Twitter and sooner or later you'll come into contact with AndaM, AKA @BeRadiant. Now it seems that Anda's finally gotten around to putting on her first solo exhibition and