On the 15th of July 2016, a group of fifteen people from Europe and the United Kingdom, started a joint project on Facebook’s Colour Film Photography Group, the idea was that we would send one camera to all the members with one roll of film in it, everybody would get two shots, and then we would have to send it on to the next person on the list. We were only meant to keep the camera for a week.

The second camera was a Halina MW 35E. Then around the end of 2016 start of 2017, we sadly lost that camera too! We then moved on to camera number three, a Halina Panorama point and shoot at the end of February 2017. The camera arrived with me at the end of April, I sent it off again at the start of May 2017, it was enjoyable to follow the progress of the camera.

The third camera finally arrived at its final location on the 6th of September 2018, the photos are kindly going to be developed by one of the members and then posted for the group to look at, it will be fun to see the images. Below are the photos that the Project members took, together with a little bit about the Photographers and their photos. There is now another camera travelling for chapter two of this project…

Ira Vollenberg

Ira Vollenberg is from Dusseldorf, Germany and is really into analogue photography and travelling.

The photo above was taken when Ira took this photo whiles on holidays in the Drome area France, the sun was starting to set as Ira and a friend were returning to the car from a hike having become a little lost. Ira loves this part of France and was so pleased that they got to see this stunning view.

Ira has been living in Dusseldorf for the last fifteen years and Angermunder See, in the above photo is one of Ira’s favourite places to visit and sometimes swim in.

The last photo that Ira took is of their dirty festival boots after an amazing night of dancing at the Aluna Festival, under a sky full of night butterflies, where Ira and a friend got to watch Ira’s favourite band play. Ira said that the sight of these boots the next morning made Ira smile as they reminded Ira of the night of dancing the night before.

Roger Harrison

These two shots of Praia dos Caneriros in the Algarve were taken by Roger Harrison.

This photo was taken closer to where Roger lives and is his favourite of the three shots he took.

James Davies

James Davies is based in Oxfordshire with a love of film photography and sharing his work on the net. James says that he is fascinated “by how my everyday can be someone else’s exotic”. He used his three photos to document his everyday life. James’s favourite shot is the one he took at sunset over Banbury.

James took the photo of the Taylorian Institute, Oxford on the 18th of September 2017, this was taken as soon as he took the camera out of the parcel. More of James’s work can be found at http://about.me/jsnowdendavies and James has an unboxing video of his camera on his YouTube Channel.

Another photo James took was taken on the 20th of September 2017 and is of the Westgate Centre, Oxford being constructed.

The final shot that James took was this one of Banbury, Oxfordshire in late September 2017.

Emily Gallagher

I took the above photos during April 2017 in her local park, in Dublin, Ireland. These sculptures are the audience section of a larger installation that includes a performer. As you walk around them, the far side of their heads has a concave version of their faces. I was given her first camera by her Grandmother when sIhe was six, to prevent me from messing with everyone else’s and have been snap happy for all my life. My Great Grandfather was a photographer too. I love all photographic formats and constantly take photos. You can find more about me on my website.

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Lucy Wainwright

Lucy Wainwright is a Mum of two, who in her own words “wastes a LOT of film”, Lucy is a moderator at CFPG and of this group. Lucy took the photo below at Forge Dam, Sheffield. You can find Lucy at Instagram/theLucywainwright.

Nadja Stare

Nadja Stare is a 28 year old photographer from Slovenia. She started with photography at an early age and is currently finishing her photography degree. The photos she took for this project are “random snapshots of getaways to nature. When your head is too full of city life, one must go seek peace in a green landscape.”

Bart de Nes

Bart de Nes is a 42 year-old dad of two, self-employed audio/video professional. Bart has a family connection with photography going back to his Great Great Grandfather, who was a professional photographer, through his Great Grandfather and his Dad. Bart enjoys film photography as you need to think about what you are shooting and it slows you down, compared to digital photography. Bart’s photos were taken in Rolde.

This beautiful graveyard is the final resting place for Bart’s Father, who gave Bart an enthusiasm for analogue photography, as well as introducing Bart and his brother to world travel.

The province of Drenthe is known for it’s dolmens, which probably served a ritualistic burial purpose, Bart felt that taking these two photos was fitting.

Natalie Allistone

Natalie Allistone is an object lover, life model, baby mama and animal hugger. Natalie studied Fine Art and sees photography as an extension of her sketchbook. She wishes she was more of an artist. Natalie currently resides in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK. As well as colour film, she likes taxidermy, textiles, tomes and travelling and regularly works at the circus. The photos were snapped around Sheffield in Natalie’s everyday meanderings to work and walking with her family. Natalie took these photos in the order they are laid out.

You can find more information about Natalie on her website.

Andrew Clifforth

Andrew Clifforth travels a lot, and takes a lot of photos on an eclectic list of cameras from Holga, to Zorki 4 K to Nikon analogue and high-end digital. Despite all the bits and bytes of his D850, Andrew says that photography is always most fun when there’s a roll of film involved. He recently moved to near Exeter, the proportion of seascapes and seaside quirky shots has increased dramatically. More of Andrews’s shots can be found on Instagram or www.clifforth.com.

Blackpark Lake, Slough The park lake is a shot that Andrew has taken many times on about a dozen camera types, usually on 120 or 35mm film, so, Andrew found it fun “to see how the little cheap camera would cope. The answer? Not too bad.”

Walkie Talkie Building, London. Every trip to London has to include one of the main skyscrapers, and this was Andrews shot on our travelling camera

Hatton Locks, Solihull, Midlands, England. Taking a snap of Hatton Locks is “the law” if you live in the Midlands.

One of the joys of photography is that it connects the past with the future, not only because it freezes a moment of time that you can look at again later, but, also, as has been demonstrated by some of the members of this Project, it connects you with family members who may now have passed away, but, their passion lives in your enthusiasm for a shared interest.

Thank you to all the group’s members for sourcing the cameras and film, in particular, Lucy and Natty deserve many, many thanks for keeping the project rolling. Congratulations to all participants for producing an interesting selection of images.

~ Emily

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  1. These projects are really hard to pull off as there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong. Congratulations for pulling it off and for the resulting pictures.