How-to: become an excellent photographer

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My name is Ethan, I am the stable genius behind Cameradactyl. I recently published a video with some simple tips and tricks, and a few products guaranteed to take your photography to the next level. I hope it can be useful for aspiring photographers and professionals alike, the world over.

You might also want to check out some of these great products from CAMERADACTYL, guaranteed to take your imaging practice to a whole new level.


These stylish and practical photographers jeans from CAMERADACTYL are guaranteed to get you noticed, and can hold up to 6 double-sided 4×5 film holders in the back pockets!


Camera: The CAMERADACTYL X-Pin 35mm panoramic pinhole DIY kit

The X-Pin comes as a DIY kit, you can assemble it in all sorts of ways. check it out here. a perfect gift for Worldwide Pinhole Day on April 28th!


Accessories: The CAMERADACTYL 100 high-quality DOT system

Through months in the lab, we here at CAMERADACTYL have developed the premier way to signal that you are in fact, an ULTRA-HIGH-RESOLUTION-HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHER.

Attach these dots to your camera, your cell phone, your clothing, your car, your face, and let potential clients the world over know that you are the embodiment of quality and style.



For those looking for a more out-of-the-box High Megapickle experience, check out these great CAMERADACTYL OG 4×5 Hand Cameras. They shoot 4×5 film which is literally bursting with megapickles.


Thanks very much for reading, and be sure to share some of your high-quality (?) Cameradactyl products and images with me/us/them on Instagram @cameradactyl.

~ Ethan

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