My name is Ioana Tăut and I am a Romanian music and fine art photographer based in Berlin. Instant Stage is my first-ever photography book, based on a project that I started almost three years ago and being funded through a new Kickstarter campaign. The photographs in this book capture onstage moments of a number world famous of jazz musicians like Arild Andersen, Bobo Stenson, Bill Frisell, Dennis Chambers, Joshua Redman,Tomasz Stańko and Tommy Smith among others.

Each photograph in the “Instant Stage” book exists only as a single original photograph on instant film. In addition, nearly every photograph has been signed personally by the musician depicted. Most of the photographs in this book have been captured over the past three editions of the Gărâna Jazz Festival in Romania. The rest have been created during the Timișoara Jazz Festival, also in Romania.

The “Instant Stage” series was created using instant cameras and instant black and white film exclusively. All photographs in this book have been created using two instant cameras: a Polaroid AF Sun 660 and the beautiful Polaroid SX-70 Land camera, Alpha 1 model. As far as film goes, I chose the black framed, black and white film by The Impossible Project – a film that hasn’t been produced since early 2017.

For the moment, I have decided not to sell the original instant sheets but I wanted to give something tangible to those who like the series and support this idea. The books are scheduled to be ready for shipping by end of May 2018 and it will be printed in a very limited edition of max 150 copies (soft and hardcover).

There are more photos and a bit more information on the Kickstarter page. Please take a look and consider lending your support!

~ Ioana



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