SIlvergrainClassics and the state of Rheinland-Palatinate are pleased to announce an agreement for a new training center for analog photographers and filmmakers.

The former army facility, which has suffered from damage due to vandalism in recent years, is being upgraded through a cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Defense.

“Until the landmines and other ordinance are cleared, the location of the 200,000-hectar site will be kept secret,” explains a high-ranking official from the Department of Defense. “We also expect some very big names from Hollywood to arrive by personal helicopter, and we don’t want the general public getting in the way.”

“The SilvergrainClassics Analog Photography Bootcamp will offer photographers and filmmakers a unique experience,” says Marwan El Mozayen. “Where else in Europe can people learn their craft with this level of immersion? Build your darkroom before you develop in it, shoot action photos from almost under the wheels of a car chase, or, for our war photojournalists, even learn to work under live fire!”

“The wellbeing of our candidate photographers and filmmakers is paramount, of course,” explains El Mozayen. “All wild animals will be under the control of experienced trainers, and we have alerted the fire brigade to the increased risk of accidents. And the VIP helicopter landing pad can also serve in case there is a need of medical evacuation.”

The Minister-President of Rheinland-Palatinate says, “I am delighted with this project. It will provide a major boost to the local economy, and also finally solve our landmine problem.”

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  1. at a quick reading I think I understand that this school camp is organized as a military training camp and since we are talking about solving the problem of mines I hope the photography students are not used to mine the field, Always ironically yours, lorenzo